Preserve America's Values
Expose The Cancerous Effects of Debauchery
Why, if an immoral "lifestyle" is not wrong, would the exposure of conspiring groups of deceitful liars be wrong?  That is the fatal beauty of the illogic of their morally relativistic thinking.  They build in their own failure in a feeble attempt to excuse their chronic rebellion against values, which is beyond contemptible.

Why pretend to be patriots and defenders of our country’s values when the loathsome personal choices they make strengthen and enrich nobody? Not themselves, not anyone who may ever love them, not their family, not their community, and certainly not their country. True freedom is the right to be wrong, not the freedom to DO wrong…and our noble foundation of true liberty has been perverted into sheep-like bondage to licentiousness.

Fight Ugliness
According to "swingers" (a foolish attempt to euphemize whoremongers of both genders), healthy vs. unhealthy adult behavior is nothing more than a culturally-flexible matter of opinion in their secret (not-so-little) cult of interconnected groups on Yahoo, AOL, etc that makes a shameful mockery of true adult behavior.

These “lifestyle” snake-oil carnies have already damned our next generation before they even have the chance to grow up. Little boys and girls are growing up in homes that illustrate nothing real about how genuine grownups are supposed to relate in healthy ways. The bonds of intimacy will die in the brainwashed lust for the next soulless, disposable sexual fix that these dogs waste their entire lives cruising for.

This tragic and evil conspiracy of group sociopathy reigns supreme with the advent of the internet, and the ACTIVE interstate network of swingers groups/cells (whorehouses) that they work to lead, promote, and pollute our nation with, are to Human behavior what the Al Qaeda is to religious faith. A monstrous hypocritical web of lies.

When dealing with this societal cancer, appeasement is not an option. Recognize the genuine evil visited upon our homes by these nice people for what it really is and FIGHT BACK by exposing them to lawmakers and the media!

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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