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Hello & welcome to a new gathering for mature adults.Our location is in San Antonio, Texas.Our interest are to build a safe gathering for people who share the same lifestyle to meet, Get to know one another, & to share & learn the special interest in the relationship.
As we all know, LUCKYS_CHARM is a new club with its glitter, laughter, & fun. Also we all know a sparkle always catches the  eye, but happiness, laughter & fun tend to always grab your interest. It seems these things make much more comfortable grounds for people to enjoy the presence of others. These also along with a SMILE :), help break down the silence wall, & give us that slight forwardness to go & talk & get aquainted with new people.
We hope to attract people who share the interest of the lifestyle. We do hope all that join help to keep our club as safe & secure as possible. This is due to the fact that the public does not accept or understand our ways of showing our love & care.
We hope you will continue to read through our brief over the matter in discussion, then we wish to hand you your membership card!!!
Remember to look at page 5 or 6 for any upcoming events !!!
Bill~n~Marilyn Marie