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This page is designed to offer tips and hints on surviving the UWM Oideas Gael program.  There are a few things you may not be prepared for.  This page is also chock full of pictures of the area you will be living in.  Good Luck!

*If you choose to stay in a cottage, here's what you need to know: THese are not owned by the school. They are vacation cottages usually owned by families from Dublin. The school rents them for your use.
*Heating water can be very expensive so you will probably have to flip a switch and wait about 20 minutes each time you want hot water.
*Many showers are electric and you should find a cord hanging somewhere in the bathroom to turn on the shower's hot water.
*If when you arrive at the cottage there is only one key present, that is probaby the only key there is, and must be shared between the 4 or 5 of you. Liam will explain more.
*Since there are only really 2 resteraunt options in town, you will probably be cooking most of your food. There is a small convenient store, but Irish food is not exactly the same as American. You will probably be living off of pasta, and so I would reccomend bringing a few things from home. There will probably be no microwaves in your cottages. Uncle Ben's rice pouches are nice because you just stick the bag in a pot and boil it for a few minutes and you're done.
*Don't expect to be attending a big university like UWM. This "Irish College" consists of one building. There are several classrooms, a small gift shop, a meeting room and a resteraunt. If you want to email home there is one computer upstairs, that's right ONE computer for over 100 people. Most hostels and internet cafe's charge about 2 euros ($2.60) an hour for internet usage. However, at Oideas Gael, it will cost you 2 euros per 10 minutes - and it's dial up - so use it wisely. If you have a digital camera bring your USB plug so you can email some pictures home.
* Also, some phone companies, like AT&T, allow you to call home and have it charged to your (your parents) long distance account. Don't do it often!! It can cost $7-8 per minute! Buy a calling card - it's worth it. They can be purchased at many places, including the town's convient store.
The sign at the "Irish College" in Glencolmkille
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