*~*Forever Love*~*

Minsan my nagtanong sa akin.paano daw kaya pag nawala ka?
Napaicip ako..naluha.Natakot ako bigla.Tapos sabi nila.
"Wag mo ng sagutin,sa mata mo nalang halata..

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~~GeT PerSoNaL~~

name- mylene
age- 18
nationality- 100% pinay
statz- seeking for someone special
likes-Friends and listening 2 music
dislikes-Snobs and show-offs

~~My personal thoughts~~

April 18,2003
It's so hard being so far away from something you think thats so important.Its never easy having someone in mind and hearing that what could be would never be.Sometimes I think that its not worth it liking someone so much,but know for sure that I could never have them.Sometimes it just tears me apart and all I could do is live on....

April 19,2003
Thinking of 2morrow brings tears 2 my eyes 'coz 2morrow I myt have 2 say gudbye bt if 2morrow shud be da end,da best memory id take wit me was wen u become mine...Sometimes I wonder Y people fall in love not ever knowing how nd Y.Love is such a special feeling that wen u have it u never want 2 lose it.But sometimes those feelings disappear whether or not u want them 2 go

April 20,2003
It seems that everythin' is da same thing over and over again..somehow it feels that I don't want to go on coz everything seems to juz keep coming rite at me and I can't do anything about it..Which is Y close friends are very good 2 have coz they help u with everything even if its personal..U can count on them when ever u feel sad or worried, u know they would let u go down...Thanxz 2 all my close friends out der who has helped me with LIFE....

April 21,2003
Just wen I thought I have everything figured out
something just began to change my mind..I never know Y this things alwayz happens to me,all I want 2 know is does it really matter wat people say 2 you.I mean people tell u 2 hang on wen ur feeling down but how could u wen hanging on means losing someone very special...

April 22,2003
I maybe far from u in distance but i will not consider it 2 be da reason 2 4get u.I may not kip in touch alwayz bt in my mind & in my hart ur alwayz be der...143...

April 23,2003
When nights are long & friends are few I sit by my window & think of u A silent whisper a silent tear With all my heart i wish you were here...

April 24,2003
Why is it so hard making a good decision.So many decisions and I don't even know what 2 choose from.I guess thats the way it goes sometimes.Sometimes u make a good decision and sometimes a bad decision but I guess u have 2 know the consequences of both sides before making ur final decision.

April 25, 2003
I know today is your birthday and I wish so bad that I could be der with u but I can't and I am sorry..But remember take it easy alrite..I miss you and you know who u are..Well i am still confused with everything that is going on in my life and hopefully one of diz days everything will go back to normal..but so far all I could do is wait and take life easy...

April 26,2003
Things are so hard to comprehend,I mean people for instant..Just wen u thought that they are a good friend they end up doing someting that totally changes ur mind.Y can people just be themself and take things the way they are..But then again in the real world nothing ever stay the same, people go, things changes and what ever u say or do u can't stop them, u can only watch them...So when people go away, don't just break down keep ur head high coz u never know they might come back, and when they do don't ever let them go..

April 27,2003
Missing u secretly is a hard thing for me 2 do...hoping, wandering, wishing that u feel the same way too. i cant read ur mind if u miss me 2, but whatever it is ill still be missing u!!! It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel.

April 28,2003
Fallin' in luv, is never a CHOICE, always by CHANCE.
Stayin' in luv is never a CHANCE, always by CHOICE.
And fallin' out of luv, is never a CHOICE, always a DECISION!
Its hard 2 keep loving someone who u dont even know if they really cares, but its harder 2 stop loving someone who u know will make u happy!!

April 29,2003
Why can things just be..I don't understand it seems like something or someone is keeping me from doing anything these few days..I haven't had any energy to do anything except to stay in bed and I really don't like that coz wen im in bed I think about everything and thats the last thing I really want to do these days..Ive got to many things going on in my life and I don't know If I could go on..I just wish I had someone close by to pour my heart out but all I can really do is wish and wait until everything goes back to normal..STILL WISHING AND MISSING THE OLD TIMES...

May 3,2003
Haven't really been myself, I guess i am just in that phase where everything is not going the right way..Hopefully by this weekend I will make a good decision that would satisfies myself especially when it comes to being in love..

May 5,2003
Why do I say goodbye 2 someone I never had? Why do tears fall 4 someone who was never mine? Why is it dat I miss someone I was never with? Why do I love someone whos love could never mine?...

May 7,2003
I thought 2day was different,I thought I had something figured out, instead I find out that I was wrong..I think dat its tym to let go,like people say wen u love someone set them free,N wen they come back its urs to keep..everything is different now and I just can't go on thinking dat I still have those feeling I have for u b4, which I know dat they have changed,but remember days aren't important memories are..KEEP DA MEMORIES,KEEP DA PEOPLE...

May 8,2003
So many people say dat being in love is the best feeling,I think dat wen ur in love it should be special and U should never take it for granted,for U never know they might leave U if U do..Sometimes its not easy being in a relationship because U never know, U could be happy now, but a few months later U might not be together anymore...I guess where Im getting at is, wen ur in love U never really know wat 2 expect until U lose dat person,dats wen U realize dat U can't live without them, dats also wen U realized dat U were in love..

May 12,2003
People say that the best thing U can have in the world are friends. N their right friends are important,but U know wat sometimes friends go away either U know the reason and or not..Meeting a friend is easy but wen they decide to go, is it easy for you to let them go??For most it is but I think for me its not dat easy, becoz friends are very important to me whether they only stay for a short time..Either way I wouldn't want to lose the friends I have now..
May 27,2003
Its been so long I really can't make up my mind, I mean there's so many problem I don't even know where to begin..Is it right to be like this..Sometimes I just feel like breaking apart and just be out of this world.I don't know whether the school or just reality is doing this to me..But I guess, all I can really do nw is take days minute by minute,and hope that everything will eventually work for the better...

My only wish is 4 u 2 be here with me 2 hold me tight and 2 ease the pain I feel inside..

"Y do I say gudbye 2 someone I never had?Y do tears fall 4 someone who was never mine?Y is it dat I miss someone I was nevr with?Y do I love someone hus love can never be mine???

"Love Hurts"

"there's a light in your eyes, but its to bright to see,the pain in my heart where you used to be. I guess I was wrong to believe you were waiting for me, coz there's a light in your eyes but not for me."

"when I'm away from you, I'm still with you.when my eyes are closed,I could still see you. when I'm awake,I still dream of you.when I feel I have everything,I still need you.and no matter what,I'll always love you."

"It is so hard to fall in love with your best friend, but its hard for letting your best friend go once you found out they love someone else..."

"I always knew looking back on da tears would make me laugh.But I never knew lokking back on da laughs would make me cry.I guess Im just missing da old tyms..

~~Pilipino Qoutes~~
"Takot akong mawala ka..hindi ko alam kung bakit..hindi sa di ako mabubuhay pag wala ka..kundi takot akong dumating ung araw na mahal pa rin kita..kahit wala ka na."

"Minsan nagmahal ka..minsan nasaktan ka..pero ni minsan ba di mo naisip na minsan kana ring minahal at nakasakit ng iba?!"

"Ti ISEM isu't mangparanniag ti rupa,mangpalammiis iti ulo,ken mangpapudot iti puso.UMISEM ka nga kanayon,pwera laeng no maymaysaka."

~~Pilipino Jokes~~
"LOLO: Lab, 69 naman tayo o! LOLA: Damuho ka kung kailan tayo tumanda saka ka naging bastos! Di ka na nahiya sa sarili mo. Tama na sa akin itong DOGSTYLE!"

Joke time! SIKSIKAN SA JEEP Miss: mama usog naman konti, ipit na PERLY SHELL ko eh! Mr: buti kapa ipit lang perly shell mo. Ako nga basag na TINY BABOLS ko!

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