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Puaru form DBZ     The Japanese animation/comic phenomena - anime and manga - has during the latest years become very popular even in the west. A lot of people are still discussing the difference between American and Japanese animation and can still not get even. I'd prefer Japanese with no doubt, because I've never really liked American animations/comics. So...I don't think that I'm the right person to judge this...^_^
    However, I've some pages about my favourite animes and I'll be working on new ones as soon as I've finished the remaking of this site. And as always: tell me if you've some questions/opinions or if you think that something is missing.


Yukina from YYH
Yu Yu Hakusho:
Cave of sorrow - a page dedicated to Yukina
    Yukina is an anime character from Yu Yu Hakusho. She's Hiei's twin sister and a so called ice maiden. This page is dedicated to Yukina, but there are some info 'bout the other characters. There is also a gallery, what I call a "Music Box" and something about Yukina's past.

Son Gokou from DBZ
Dragon Ball:
A tribute to Gokou
    Son Gokou is the main character in the anime Dragon Ball. Those who know at least a little about anime should know which anime I'm talking about. If not, you're new, right?
    I've made this page to honour the maybe longest anime hero in history. He's been the leading character in Dragon Ball since it's first episode form the early 80s. There are some info:s about him, a gallery and some other stuffs.

Team Shohoku in Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk:
Slam Dunk - the Last Dunk
    Don't think there is any need to explain what this anime is about. It's kinda obvious...Anyway, there are galleries, lyrics and stuffs about Slam Dunk in this page, so check it out if you wanna...But note that many pages aren't finished or ready... ^_^


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