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There are a lot of people on the web who've made some own fan art or even created their own. If you're one of these and want people to know about it, you're welcome to put it up here. You don't have to worry about me taking your credits. If you don't trust me, look at the pics below. But before mailing me, read the "How to put your pic here" list.

Note: Do not copy pics from this page without telling their owner!

Anime or Manga fanarts!
Mr. & Mrs. Sendoh's Marriage Pic info:
Drawn by: Carrie
Real name: well...she prefers to keep that as a secret.
Age: that seems like a secret too! ;oř
Country: HK / China
Date pic was created: April 1997
Description: This is a pic of Carrie's friend Mrs. Sendoh and the Slam Dunk character Akira Sendoh.
Other: This pic was a gift to Mrs. Sendoh.
Youko Kurama Pic info:
Drawn by: Me - Switch
Real name: yeah, yeah, yeah...
Age: 17
Country: HK / China
Date pic was created: 24 May 1997 (Sketch), 13 November 1999
Description: A pic of YYH character - Youko Kurama.
Other: OK, it didn't take 2 years to complete this, but I got a scanner 1999, so...yeah.
Trunks Pic info:
Made by: Adrian (my cousin...)
Real name: Well, Adrian is his real name.
Age: 18 years (1999)
Homepage: Had one, but didn't have time for it.
Country: HK / China , but he lives just like me in Sweden.
Date pic was created: Don't know...
Description: The left pic is a pic of Trunks and the right is Son Gohan, both from the anime Dragon Ball Z.
Son Gohan

Game character fanarts!
Cloud and Tifa Pic info:
Drawn by: Kartoon
Real name: ???
Age: ???
Country: ???
Date pic was created: ???
Description: A pic of Cloud and Tifa from the RPG FF7.

Arts created by themselves!
??? Pic info:
Drawn by: Mad
Real name: Don't know if I'm supposed to tell it...
Age: 17 years (1999)
E-mail: Don't know if I'm supposed to tell that either...
Homepage: N/A
Country: Just like
Date pic was created: 20 (?) Sept 1999
Description: A donkey-zebra with dots???
Other: This pic was made of a friend of mine.
Girl with flowers Pic info:
Drawn by: Bo Sun
Real name: -
Country: HK / China
Date pic was created: -
Description: A girl with a bunch of flowers.
Other: It's a pic my friend sent to me. Hey, thanks!

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