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SHARP: MD-MT821W(GL)     Lately, I've really become a Japan maniac or something. I just started to like anything Japanese! Currently, my favourite artist is the Japanese singer KOKIA. But the reason I like her isn't because of her Japanese origin. She's just fabulous. You'll understand... That's the reason why I've started up with this page. I just want people to know her existence and how great she really is.
    And as always: if you have any comments or suggestions of this page, feel free to send me a mail!


KOKIA: 'Song Bird' Front Cover Artist: KOKIA
Name of album: "Song Bird"
Released: 1999
No. of tracks: 11 [List]
Favourite track(s): (1)Song Bird, (4) White Snow, (8) Live alone
Comments: Definitly one of the best record I've ever bought. When you listen to it for the first time, the tracks may sound a bit similar, but you'll discover the differences and then just love each of them. You'll really start to admire KOKIA's soft voice.
Sammi Cheng: 'listen to sammi' Front Cover Artist: Sammi Cheng
Name of album: "listen to sammi"
Released: 1999
No. of tracks: 12 [List]
Favourite track(s): (6), (7)/(11), (8)
Comments: This album is maybe not the best album ever by Sammi, since some of the tracks isn't that interesting...But just track no. 6, 7/11 and 8 make it worth to buy this album!
Faye Wong: 'CHANG YOU' Front Cover Artist: Faye Wong
Name of album: "CHANG YOU"
Released: 1999
No. of tracks: 15 (Jap version) [List]
Favourite track(s): (1)Love life, (3) Obsession
Comments: Not my favourite album by Faye, but it's a nice style on this album.

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