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Aeris last scene (FF7)     Video games have become more popular now and both games and the consoles are still improving. Dreamcast is now released and Playstation 2 will be out in March in Japan, with Nintendo's Dolphin soon after (I suppose). They all promise the best, but it's still the games who can tell which machine is the best. It's no use having the best machine without any good game, right?
    I'm currently owning a Playstation, Super Nintendo (Super Famicom), a (broken) Game Boy and a Game Boy Color. I guess you can figure out which of them I'm using most and is my favourite... And hey! I just put up my Final Fantasy 8 site!!! Take a look at it dude!


Final Fantasy 7 title
Final Fantasy 7:
7th Heaven
    "7th Heaven" is a bar in Sector 7 slums in Final Fantasy 7 - a RPG by Square for Playstation (well, OK. There is a PC version too alright?). This RPG is said to be one of the best games ever, but there are also people who says that it's not as good as people says and isn't worth all the appreciation it has. Well, I don't really know what I think 'bout this game, but it's the only RPG I've played 7-8 times...

Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 8:
A Final Fantasy 8 site at Switch...on!
    Square has proved that they're the best in the RPG genre, again. With Final Fantasy 8, Square has taken a step into another side of game playing. The characters are more realistic than the previous parts and Square has also put the main point on feelings (and obviously love...). You can actually feel how the characters are feeling at the moment. So, take a turn to my FF8 site to know more about this fantastic game!

Coming up: Suikoden 1 & 2, Azure Dreams


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