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    Anyway, there are a several links downhere and they're sorted by interest. So, choose what you're interested in! (Did you sign my guestbook???)


Note: Links to specific anime or game sites - which I have a page about - are found in those pages. (Like YYH links are found in my YYH page)

Anime or Manga pages!

You just have to visit this place if you're an anime otaku!!!

Trixie Turnpike as Princess Mononoke!!!

Anime Turnpike
There are plenty of anime links here, so you really need to check it out!

i s h t a r - v. peony pink

i s h t a r - v. peony pink
Includes some anime mp3, game reviews and stuff.
Has a really cute outlook! Great design!

Game pages / Tips & Tricks sites!

Pokemon - Gotta catch 'em all!

Pokémon - Gotta catch 'em all! (the official site)

Dexco Developments

Dexco Developments
This page includes really good guides to the following games to Playstation:
Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy Tactics, Resident Evil 1&2, Syphon Filter,
Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, etc.

"How to draw" pages!

Bowl of Noodles

Bowl of Noodles
Got some problems with your drawing? (OK, mainly anime)
Then take a turn to this site! Otherwise, you can just look at anime
fanworks by other peole.

MOuse's Studio of anime art

MOuse's Studio of anime art
There are a lot of different kinds of galleries here, so check it out!

Award pages!

M.A.R.S. Morrigan's Anime Rating Site
Got an anime webpage? Try to apply for an award at this site!

My Friends' sites!

Moo! World
My long time penpal from Hong Kong!

Amalén's hemsida!
Visit my friend Amalén's site! ^_^
Note: This page is in Swedish!

My first Homepage!
Visit my friend Tommy's site! Includes his own diary (!), his non published book and some other stuff. Visit!!!
Note: This page is in Swedish!

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