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My Neighbour Totoro Welcome to join "The Ring of Anime", a webring for all anime site owners. There are some ways to get more hits on your page and one of them is to join webrings. (If you don't know what a webring is, feel free to ask me!). But there are some rules though:
  • The main subject is anime or manga
  • The page should be about 70% finished
  • Average or better webpage design
  • Includes info:s, gallery, or maybe fanfics.
  • Hentai Free and no pornographic stuffs
  • Doesn't include insulting words
If you feel like your page will pass these requirements, go on! But remember! I still have the right to decide who's gonna join or not! So be prepared that you may be rejected, but there is also a chance you'll pass! ^_^
You'll join this ring step by step, so no need to worry that you'll get stucked. Click on the arrow to begin the first step!


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