Hello and Welcome to my first picture page. This page will have pictures of me, my family, and my friends. Browse around and enjoy and maybe you'll see yourself :).



This is me and my baby Eboni at prom. I know...we look awesome. Especially her. Prom was one of the best nights of my life, if not the best.



This is me and my crazy brother from christmas about 2 years ago. Reppin the old skool eagles jersey.



This is me and my niece Brianna. She's cute. And quite a bit older than this now.



This is my brother Ryan, my sister Danielle, me, my half-sister Melodie and her two sisters.




This is a lot of my family from Arkansas. Back: my mom karen, me, uncle rory, grandmother "memaw". Front: sister danielle, brother ryan, dad brady, grandfather jim (rip)





This is my longtime friend from Michagen Christina "Chrissy" Fayz. I've known her a long time, shes really cool. REPRESENTIN DETROIT! DIRTY DOZEN! KENIVA! sorry ill stop now...if youre wondering what that was its a reference to rap group D12.





This is my friend rose on the right and her friend meagen on the left. She's a great person and her websites way better than mine..check out her website, ill put up a link soon.


That's it for this page.