This page is all about my car. I'm not saying its the best in the world or super fast or anything but I worked my ass off to get it and on it to keep it running in perfect condition. I doubt anyone loves there car more than me. That said ill get down to buisness.

Not my actual car but a hell of a professional shot. Mines identical to it except not convertible.

Same here...this one is a GT. How can anyone say any car in the world is nicer than this?

This is a Mustang my year burnin em up...incredibly power.

This is off topic but its a picture of John Leclair...he got messed up when the most over rated goalie ever Dominick Hasek hit him in the face with a freakin goalie stick. He finished the game...this was taken AFTER treatment by the medican staff.


ah the classic rivalry. Mustangs are better..cheaper...and the Camaro has been discontinued. Rivalry over.



This is my by my car when I first got it two years ago.


bad ass


thats all guys...may the horse be with you.