Just who is Sheldon Wong anyways?

This is a question that many people have asked, and I have yet to fully answer just who I am.

I am, in my humble opinion, a unique person (as we all are anyways).  In that I am always trying to learn new things.  My background is very diverse and I enjoy many things.  I have volunteered my time with many different organizations, such as Safewalk and Rotaract. Academically, I have a High School Matriculation Diploma from the Willow Creek Composite High School, in ClaresholmAlberta, Canada,  A Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Alberta.  I have recently completed my Cisco Certified Networking Associate, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and my CompTIA A+ certifications.  Also, I have been working overseas in China for the past couple of years prior to my entry into the SAIT ITP program, which has been one of the best highlights so far.

I have been involved in numerous projects, groups and organizations.  All having a community-service based focus.  I have been a founding member of the Rotaract Club of Edmonton (D5360), where I have held the positions of Secretary and President.  University wise, I was one of the founding members of the University of Alberta Safewalk Program, where as a councilor I was one of the proponents for the program, which I then became one of the original members, and an original Head Dispatcher.  During my 5 year volunteering period, I have helped develop the program and have filled the positions of Walker, Team Leader, Dispatcher, Trainer, Interviewer and Advisor.  Also, during this time, I was instrumental in making over the Campus Ambassador program for the University of Alberta.  Starting from the beginning and developing the operations manual, interview and training volunteers and arranging financing for the continued operations of the program.

Then in 1998, I decided to pursue an opportunity to teach English in northern China.  I was hired on by the Daqing Foreign Affairs Office to teach conversational English to Engineers and senior Management at the Daqing Petrochemical Complex Staff and Workers College.  During which time, I had the opportunity to learn Mandarin and experience a new culture.  As part of my contract, I was able to travel through out China and explore various places and learn more about the mysteries of China.

In October 1999, I discovered the chance to take part in a new program that was focused on preparing an Information Technology Professional.  This was an opportunity that I just had to take.  The program is offered by SAIT, and covers many areas in the Information Technology profession.  Through the program, I have been exposed to hardware, software, operating systems, network development and a plethora of soft skills that will set me apart from graduates of other technical programs. For more information regarding the ITP program, please go to the class web site at www.itp2000-1.net. As part of the ITP program, I have certified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and as a CompTIA A+ hardware technician. Additionally, I have completed my certification for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate designation.  And I feel that the soft skills acquired from this program will differentiate me from other potential candidates and provide me with the human edge necessary in the competitive world of IT.


Thank you for your time.

Sheldon Meo Shing Wong, B.Sc. Engg, CCNA, MCSE, A+

A Quick Update: As of April 20th, 2001, I have accepted the position of Network Analyst at SAIT. We shall see what happens after this.

Next Update: As of April 2002, I am now an Independent Network Consultant.

As of January 2003, I am working as a Network Specialist at xwave Solutions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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by Sheldon Wong