Shalom! Greetings!  Welcome to the Sword_2Edged Website. It is our pleasure to be one of the many teaching ministries on the web to be visited by YOU, a very special person of God's Creatio
On this site you will find many different teachings and  articles that will help you to understand more about God's Word in a totally exciting way; to discover many meanings that you were unaware to you that are made known to us [from the Biblical Text]; and to be blessed by seeing God's Word come to life and make you excited to pick up the Bible and see what else you can learn and find out and share with others.  You will find what some have called 'the hidden answers' to questions they had about the New Testament; only to find the answer was in the Old Testament all the tim
If you are looking for ways to learn the answers to how we've come to know the 'seasons' of God, with the insight of how things will be in the latter days, then continue visiting us and always, always bring your Bible with you, make notations, jot down questions, etc. and become a part of the 'living Bible' that is much more ALIVE than those sitting on people's shelves or coffee tables for quick glancing or displa
Most importantly, see the 'two-edged sword' spoken of in Hebrews 4:12 for what it really is--one of the judgments of God--based upon both the Old and New Testaments. Be prepared to find yourself asking what others have asked over and over as they have learned; 'Why weren't we taught this before from the pulpits of our churches?' Or those making the statements, 'I feel like I've been robbed all these years in not learning these things.' Maybe you will have similar questions, but it's sure to raise some thought provoking things in your mind, even if you are one with a closed mind to changes who says, 'This is crazy!' Or, 'Well, my church says otherwise.' Or, 'If it was good enough for Paul, then it's good enough for me!' Keep and opened mind as you go along and check it out in the Scriptures. If it lines up in Scripture, then that's what you should be looking for, not what the minister or teacher or others say. Only God's mighty hand through the leading of the Holy Spirit show us the trut
One of the most important things a person needs to learn is --if it's not in God's Word, then it can only have come from man, who is not the creator, but a creation made from dust. Follow God and not man.