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    This site is dedicated to the almost forgotten NES. If you think the graphics are what makes a game/console rule, then get the hell out of here, because it's all about the game play. Personally I think the NES is the best console out there and it will ALWAYS be the best...no matter what. If it wasn't for the NES some of us might not have even liked video gaming, so when you are playing a video game think of how the NES has been there for you.

 Swordedge-Cutting NEWS! (Like anyone cares)

03/30/03-    I finally got myself to finish the 8th installment of AOS...Thanks to Nick M.  He's the only person ever to send me an e-mail about how my site doesn't suck. Thanks Nick. No More Fighter? is dedicated to you, but not in a gay mushy way, it just is.  Oh yeah I don't have anything against gay people, so don't bother sending me anything on how much I suck because of it, Because I won't bother reading it.

06/26/02-    SCHOOL'S OUT!  Now it's time for me to concentrate on my site more...Thinking about changing the layout of the site and to actually start using html!   

04/28/02-    As you can see, I changed the background.  I thought the whole black space thing was getting old.  In other words, I was bored so I cooked up this background in five minutes.

04/23/02-    Made 7th comic...Check it out. I just noticed that I'm updating my site like a mofo...must be the fact that I'm making a new comic every night cause I have no life.

04/22/02-    Made 6th comic...Check it out. Haven't had time for FF3j lately, but it's giving me some good ideas for my comics. I might actually start doing some reviews to give my site some meaning

04/20/02-    FINALLY! 1000 HITS! WOOOOHOOOOO! On the verge of making the next comic...I started playing FF3j on the 17th, and I'm almost finished (short game). 

04/16/02-    Made 5th comic...Check it out.

02/08/02-    WOW! As you already have noticed I haven't updated my site in months, but then again you might not have noticed cause you don't even go to my site which has no purpose what-so-ever, but anyways I'm going to end this really long sentence by saying KEEP READING ON . I haven't updated my site in months (yes I'm repeating myself). I think it's because of the fact that "The NES Scene" is kind of dying and/or is already dead. Well at least it to me. The scene kind of lost it's spark sometime around last year and it has become an empty place where only a few remain. I also don't really like the direction it's heading in either. It used to be so great. So lively, but not anymore. Well anyways I might just stop updating this place, or I'm just going to slowly change it into something different. Of course I know that nobody cares that I'm leaving, cause I didn't make any impact on anyone or anything and I wasn't that popular, but oh well. Therefore, I not going to make any sort of dramatic exit, like others have done (not gonna name anyone). So...what I'm really trying to say is...HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

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