United States of America
The map legend is pretty self-explanatory...
Major trips taken before I was 10 included a long, problem-filled family vacation to Colorado, a couple of trips to Florida, a trip to see my paternal grandfather in Arkansas, and a couple of family reunions in Minnesota.
As a teenager, I took trips to Michigan and passed through southern states on my way back to Florida after fleeing Arkansas. I also visited my paternal grandfather in Virginia after returning from my first Europe trip (and while there, had my first visits to Washington DC and Maryland).
My ex-wife and I also passed through a small bit of S. Dakota on our way to a family reunion in 1989. In 1990, I went to a convention in San Diego for my first trip to California.
The red states were mainly visited on my huge North America circle tour in the summer of 2000. I also visited the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskachawan, Manitoba, and Ontario during that trip.
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