Here Are Some Links!
The Official Toasty-Fried Co-Op Page
This is the "official" Toasty-Fried Co-Op page, set up by Gerald Young, the Indecent Scribe of the (pending) Underworld!  What it lacks in glitz it makes up for in FLAH DNA FLAH!!! (WAHM)
James' Big Bad Toasty-Story Page!
This page is a Linux-based story writing page in the tradition of the Toasty-Fried Co-op's story-writing sessions. The page is neither particularly big nor bad, but it is a lot of fun!
    The Crimson Twins
Randy Stack and Peter Kreutlein, the experimental electronic musicians known also known as The Crimson Twins are long-time friends of mine from way back when I lived in Florida. They recently placed their entire catalog of work online for people to enjoy for free! Here's the link...
PirateBrian's Mechanical Wonders Page!
Brian is one of the coolest people on the face of the Earth. He definitely made my life at
OU much more enjoyable. Puppet shows, Street-corner Preaching, building Faerie Armor,
this guy does it all, and more.. ARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
Forrest's Nifty Computer Art Page
My cousin, Forrest Cahoon, does some nifty computer art with polygons and various
geeky mathematical formulas, you can go have a gander at his stuff here... You can also check out his pictures of China and his wife Lili's artwork!
Delta Lambda Phi National Social Fraternity!
This is the web page of the national fraternity. Look for a chapter near you!
Delta Lambda Phi/Alpha Sigma Chapter!
My home chapter of DLP at Ohio University!
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