History of the site

I began to play Sensible Soccer many years ago, I believe it was 1994. It's a while since I started thinking about creating my SWOS Site. The problem was that there are already many SWOS Sites and most of them have the same things online. So what's the point making another one? I decided then to build a SWOS Site with a different approach. I won't put things online that you can find in other sites. There are already two more Greek Sites about Swos and another one from Cyprus. This is a special site. It contains pictures, statistics and info about Greek Football and I made it to have fun with!

About me

I'm 24 years old and I'm drummer of the heavy metal band, Blue Rose. As you will probably think, I'm listening to heavy metal. I'm also a big football fan and in the Greek Championship I'm a fan of AEK Athens.

Have fan with the site