Some sites that are worth visiting

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SWOSGR - The Greek SWOS Site -none-

SWOSGR is a legendary site (that's the fact not because I'm from Greece) It was online for the first time at 20 November 2001. There were many SWOS sites older but SWOSGR make the revolution. It was the site that introduced the first swos patch, instructions how to modify SWOS executable file made by Sandro Solinas and offered the hex posisions of all coutries and divisions. Based to these info at a later date, Diego Fanahosen created the second swos patch and all the others followed. You can say that Greece lead the way. The site closed at 28 June 2002 because the webmaster went to england for studies and reopened at 1 September 2002 under a new webmaster. Inside you can find almost everything and I believe it is the most complete swos site available.

P.S To the webmaster of SWOSGR. After all that I said please add me to your links :)

SWOS Page SWOS Greece Site Rating Extra Info
Daily SWOS -none-

Daily SWOS is a site that monitors all the other swos sites about updates and provides info for them. Definately a great idea from it's webmaster. It's a hard work to check the sites all the time for updates and writing info for them and I believe the webmaster has done excellent work.

SWOS Page SWOS Greece Site Rating Extra Info
Sweswos -none-

Here is a site from Sweden. The webmaster updates the swedish team file himself. The site is very well designed and contains a lot of info.

SWOS Page SWOS Greece Site Rating Extra Info
UK Swos -none-

This is a site from England. Very nice design and with many options.

SWOS Page SWOS Greece Site Rating Extra Info
Sensible SWOS -none-

Here is a site from England. The webmaster updates all the countries himself and he made a SWOS Patch. Very nice site but it needs a lot of work at the design.

SWOS Page SWOS Greece Site Rating Extra Info
Swos Max -none-

This is the most famous of the Polish sites. The main problem with the polish sites is that most of them they don't have an English version so you cannot understand what they have inside. Swos Max has an English version and is very well designed containing also a lot of things.

SWOS Page SWOS Greece Site Rating Extra Info
SWOS Star Fire -none-

Another one site from Greece. It used to have a lot of things inside but the webmaster has changed the design many times and now are available only a few options. Also he changes and the url to have a short one and makes it a lot difficult to monitor the site. If he finaly chooses a design and installs back all the options he will have one of the best SWOS Sites. The site also doesn't have a Greek Version (like my site because I'm too busy to make one) :)