Walking past the mirrored glass,
I take a timid peak,
I see a woman staring back,
I'm too choked up to speak.

The puffiness, at last, is gone,
The skin pink and glowing,
The many pounds that melted off,
Finally, now is showing.

Hard to believe until recently,
This same woman was dying,
Stuffing the food to ease the pain,
Heartbroken and crying.

Life evolved around each snack,
She lived for every meal,
Anything to numb the hurt,
She didn't want to feel.

When did she get so pretty?
When did God remove the grief?
How did this miracle happen?
Who provided this relief?

What a gift! A second chance!
I thank God everyday,
For his grace in showing me,
There is a better way.

I walk, I dance, I make love too,
My heart is filled with gladness,
I'm out of bondage, I'm out of pain,
There is no room for sadness.

This woman in the mirror,
Smiles softly back at me,
She has good cause to be so pleased,
She's finally been set free!

----Author Unknown