Being a WLS patient, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my goals with you.  I will be marking the ones that I accomplish in bold print.  Please check back frequently as I know my life with change on a daily bases!

1. Being able to walk more than a block without being out of breath.
(2 weeks post-op)

2. Being able to stand up from kneeling without looking for something to support my weight.
3. Fit comfortably in my bathtub
4. Be able to go to a restaurant and not have to worry about fitting in a booth.
(1 month post-op)

5. Shop for inexpensive clothes.
(1 month post-op)

6.  Having my focus be on something other than food.
(1 hour post-op)

7.  Not feel like people are making fun of my weight when we are in public.
(6 months post-op)

8.Not having my ankles hurt
(3 months post-op)

9.  Being able to polish my toenails without holding my breath!
(5 months post-op)

10. Taking my dogs for a long walk.
(2 months post-op)

11. Being able to clean the house without taking breaks.
(4 months post-op)

12.  Crossing my legs
(6 months post-op)

13.  Feeling full without overeating.
(4 months post-op)

14. Fitting my feet into shoes with straps.
15.  Not having chubby cheeks - I can't wait to see what my REAL face looks like!
(3 months post-op)

16.  Getting new rings because the ones I have now fall off.
(4 months post-op)

17.  Looking at my entire body in a mirror and being happy with what I see.
18.  Selling my 3X Leather coat on Ebay!
19.  Feeling sexy.
20.  Saving money on grocieries
21.  Bras that fit!
(4 months post-op)

22. Getting my belly button pierced!
23.  Making new friends.
(5 months post-op)

24.  Bending over and tying my shoelaces.
(6 months post-op)
26.  Horseback Riding.
27.  Short shorts in the summer
(6 months post-op)

28.  Being able to fit on every ride at Busch Gardens!
(5 months post-op)

29.  Going to the movies and using the cup holders instead of raising the armrest so I can fit my @ss into the seat!
(3 months post-op)

30.  Not having to hold my arms up when I shave just to stretch the skin that hangs over my armpit.
31.  Losing 100 pounds by my birthday!  (June 15)
(I actually got accomplished this about 4 weeks early... on May 12th).

32. Get my Diabetes under control.
(6 weeks post-op)