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So you're probably wondering, who the heck is the guy... why am I here?  what's going on?!  well the answer is simple.
Just pinch your nose and turn around.  If that doesn't work... keep turning. :o)
Who is Simon Winter Raine? There's a question I get all the time.  The truth is that he is fictitious.  For the most part at least.  When I was in grade school I won some awards for short stories I wrote.  The main character that was in those stories was named Raine.  Eventually I gave him a middle name, Winter, since that was my favorite time of the year; and Simon since I thought that just sounded like the name of a nice guy.

Anyway my one of my secrets to writing is that I dive straight into my characters.  For awhile I become them... I've found that people really like it when a character is developed.  Simon for lack of a better term is everything that I am, minus my bad traits. (I gave him bad traits of his own.)
*in a big, wizard of oz... scary voice*
You have reached the domain of Simon Winter Raine.
pic look familiar?  My Aol IM name is SimonWinterRaine, and this is my little icon thingy.  Kinda looks like me.
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Since I got to YSU I picked up swing dancing... along with a few other...things. (chicks for example)          ====>
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