Specialized Services for Women:

Supportive and spiritual counseling.

Support groups for survivors of abuse trauma.

Support group workshops to teach women skills for recovery.

Educational/Support Groups for building self-esteem, renewing spirituality, changing unhealthy patterns and coping with grief/loss issues.

Referrals to community agencies and professionals.

Supportive counseling and specialized services for survivors of religious abuse.

All services are confidential and available on a sliding fee scale.

Inquiries about services and referrals are always welcome from individuals and groups.

Each woman's personal religious values and beliefs will be respected.

Southwest Shalom Ministries for Women was founded in Texas in 1992 as an interfaith organization promoting wholeness for women who have been victimized. After serving the needs of abused women in Albuquerque, New Mexico from August, 1997 to August, 2002, the agency once more relocated. After relocating to the Illinois Valley area in August, 2002, Southwest Shalom Ministries for Women is now offering a variety of services and resources in response to the special needs of abused women. A variety of self-empowerment, grief recovery, and positive spirituality porgrams for women are also available.


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