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Everyday Sale at Divisoria Mall

In quest to find the cheapest clothes and experience shopping galore, one has to eagerly wait for a mall-wide sale. But of course, expect the troubles you will have to go through just to buy the things that you need at the most reasonable price. Imagine waiting through the traffic and struggling your way inside the mall entrance only to find out that the items on sale were old stocks and some are still considered expensive. You would even think that it is impossible nowadays to buy all the things you want on a tight budget.

What if there is place where all the items are virtually on sale? One does not even have to wait for a mall wide sale to buy the cheapest clothes. It is no shopper’s paradise, but for those who seek to really have a good bargain, get in to your most comfortable clothes and we’ll go shopping at the New Divisoria Mall.

New Divisoria mall is located at the heart of Manila’s shopping district. It occupies a block located at the corner of Sto. Cristo and Tabora streets in Binondo, Manila. You could go there by car, jeep or the LRT bound to “Recto/Divisoria.”

The Divisoria district comprises of flea markets but the New Divisoria mall stands out as a one-stop bargain haven among the rest. Moreover, it is a fully air-conditioned, three story building, and is well guarded by security personnel. Bargain hunters are welcome and porters are designated outside to help you carry heavy loads. Although it is not as huge as the other shopping complex around the city, you can almost find anything you want here and believe me, this is where most of the things you find in other shopping malls come from, so prices are really cheap.

The mall is open as early as 9:00 a.m. in the morning and closes at around 7:30 in the evening. Clothes are priced so cheap that it costs almost half the price found on the other malls, yet, they have the same quality. Items are sold on either wholesale and retail and the stall owners are very accommodating resulting to a very good buyer-seller relationship.

So, why wait for a mall-wide sale? I bet that you won’t be having second thoughts of buying a thing or two in Divisoria Mall.

Here’s one thought: Divisoria and other parts of Binondo used to be the Philippines center of trade during the Spanish era, and it is now being revitalized by the local business industry to be competitive with other trade districts.

This is the choice of the cheap and chic sapagkat sa Divisoria and mamimili’y maligaya. Ang presyo’y abot-kaya para i-shopping ang buong pamilya.

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