SWU - Starwars Unleashed

SIM Intro

This is a Starwars Gaming SIM that you can compare to the Starwars Combine since they are very equal.

(Important NOTE: This page is only here to tell ppl what SWU is etc. - The real Site is in developement, and will be uploaded later!!!)

Feel free to put this banner on your website, and link it to this site...For now there aren't much reason to link to this site....But this page are only a temp page. so the site you'll link to will soon be a SW Gaming Simulation worth to have a banner or link to!!!

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Latest NEWs - 27/5 - 2000

Some banners have been created for the Starwars Unleashed....Some days ago the name was decided. Today this temp site has been put up to tell developement news, and what the SWU is. The developement team is pretty big, and there have been chosen Faction leaders for allmost all factions! More info will be posted later!!!!

This temp page has been put up by: SIM master Darth Jones, and can be contacted on ICQ#65672223!