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Is the Laboratory Accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP)?

The Laboratory at CVMC is CAP accredited and just recently received CAP accreditation with NO deficiencies.

The letter received from the College of American Pathologists is as follow:

        Dear Mr. Tobin:

        The commission on Laboratory Accreditation of the College of American Pathologists (CA)) is pleased to inform you that the medical laboratory at Clinch Valley Medical Center Main Laboratory in Richlands, Virginia, has been awarded accreditation based on the results of an on-site inspection completed on May, 22, 2001. Your laboratory, under the direction of Dorid Turjman, MD, was recognized for providing quality laboratory services.

Clinch Valley Medical Center Main Laboratory is one of a select group of laboratories that has been evaluated and found to be in compliance with the CAP accreditation standards --rigorous laboratory standards designed to help ensure quality patient care. The CAP's program is the most respected and recognized laboratory accreditation program in the world and has long been considered the "gold standard" against which others are measured.

Your laboratory is to be recognized for this major accomplishment. It is our pleasure to support the mission of organizations like yours.


William B. Hamlin, MD
Chair, Commission on Laboratory Accreditation

          CAP Certificate

Does the Laboratory offer Blood Collection?

The Laboratory does not off blood donation/collection services. This is a specialized service and CVMC does not have the licensed facilities to meet these needs. However, we support local blood donation drives, working with the Marsh Regional Blood Services located in Kingsport, TN. There is always a need for blood and what better way to help someone by giving the "gift of life". We as a hospital strongly encourage those who meet donation requirements to consider donating blood and/or blood products on a regular basis. For those who desire more information you may contact the Marsh Regional Medical Center at or the American Red Cross at.