Birth Date
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: Syamsidik
: Male
: February 25th, 1975
: Indonesia
: Teaching Staff at Civil Engineering Department- Syiah Kuala University-Indonesia

Academic Background

1. Doctor of Engineering (Dr. Eng.) from Coastal Engineering Laboratory, Toyohashi University of Technology-Japan ,2009, major in Coastal Sediment Transport Studies.
2. Master of Science (M.Sc) from School of Mathematical Sciences- University of Science Malaysia, 2004,major in Coastal Environmental Modeling
3. Bachelor (ST) from Civil Engineering Department-Syiah Kuala University, Aceh-Indonesia, 1993-1998
4. High School at SMAN I Meulaboh-Aceh, 1990-1993
5. Secondary School at SMPN I Meulaboh-Aceh, 1987-1990
6. Elementary School at SDN Ujong Baroh-Aceh, 1981-1987

Professional Background

1. Teaching Staf at Civil Engineering Department-Syiah Kuala University 1999-now
2. Staff of Engineer at Water Resources Development Studies Unit (UPPSDA) 1998-2001
3. Engineer Surveyor in Coastal Protection Project at Lhok Sukon-Aceh.Contract with ARUN Lng Co., 2000.
4. Engineer Surveyor in Ulee Lheue Harbor Construction Project, 1999.
5. Engineer Surveyor in Rukoh Dam Environmental Impact Assesment Study, 2000.
6. Member of Indonesian Hydraulic Engineers Association, 1999-now.

Publications List

1. Syamsidik, 2004. Environmental Impacts Modeling of Coastal Reclamation Around Pulau Tekong. Penang: University of Science Malaysia (Master Thesis); Abstract .

2. Syamsidik and Koh, H.L. 2003. Impact on Assesment Modeling on Coastal Reclamation at Pulau Tekong. Regional Conference on Integrating Technology in Mathematical Sciences: Proceeding. Penang: University of Science Malaysia in Press;

3. Syamsidik. 2003. Singapore Coastal Reclamation: History an Problem. Academic Seminar of Indonesia Students Association. Penang: University of Science Malaysia.

4. Syamsidik and Santoso, H. 2003. Modelling Dissolved Oxygen in Kuala Kedah-Malaysia. Ecological and Environmental Modelling: Proceeding of National Workshop, p 314-320. Koh, H.L. and Hasan, Y.A (eds). Pulau Pinang: University of Science Malaysia.

5. Koh, H.L, Lee, H.L., Al-Rabai'ah, H. and Syamsidik. 2003. Coastal Resources Modeling in USM: A Review. Proceeding of Malaysian Science and Technology Congress, 2003, p 679-686. Kuala Lumpur: Confederation of Science and Technology Malaysia (COSTAM);

6. Koh, H.L., Lee, H.L, and Syamsidik.2002. Workshop on Modelling the Environmental Impacts of Tekong Reclamation, KDU College, Kuala Lumpur, 23-26 April, 2002. Workshop Handout;

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11. Syamsidik, AOKI, S., and KATO, S. 2008. Effects of Tidal Currents and Waves on Bottom Suspended Sediment Fluxes Off Two River Mouths. Proceeding of ISOPE 2008 Conference, Vancouver-Canada.

12. Syamsidik. 2009. Characteristics of Suspended Sediment Transport off River Mouth and Inlet. Doctoral Thesis. Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan.

13. Syamsidik and AOKI, S. 2009. Observations on Bottom Turbidity Characteristics during Some Extreme Events at the Inner Shelf of the Tenryu River, Japan., Journal of Coastal Research, SI. 56., pp1661-1665.

14. Syamsidik, KATO,S. and AOKI.,S. 2009. Observations of Suspended Sediment Properties Off The Tenryu River Mouth, JAPAN. Proceedings of International Conference on Asian Pacific Coasts, APAC 2009 at Singapore (submitted).

15. Syamsidik and AOKI,S. 2008. Investigation of the Advantage of Iron Slag in Stabilizing Hydraulic Channel Bedforms. Journal of Eco Technology Research, 14(3),pp201-205.

16. KATO,S., Syamsidik, OKABE,T., and AOKI.,S. 2009. Development of Measurement of Suspended Sediment using Ultrasonic Wave. Proceedings of Japan Society of Coastal Engineers Symposium (in Japanese) (submitted).

17. Syamsidik, AOKI,S., KATO, S., and OKABE, T. 2009. Sediment Suspension due to Strong Currents Around A Tidal Inlet.Proceedings of Japan Society of Coastal Engineers Symposium (in Japanese) (submitted).

Workshops and Short Courses

1. Worshop on Coastal Processes Modeling. Syiah Kuala University-Banda Aceh, April 2000, Sponsored by HEDS-JICA.

2. Workshop on Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing. Syiah Kuala University-Banda Aceh, September 2000. Sponsored by HEDS-JICA.

3. Workshop on Multivariate Analysis in Environmental Research, 8-12 September 2001, University of Science Malaysia.

4. Short Course on MATLAB Application. School of Mathematical Sciences, USM Penang-Malaysia, October 10 2001

5. Short Course on MAPLE8 Application. School of Mathematical Sciences, USM Penang-Malaysia, September 5th, 2003.