Surviving Your Big Brother's Mole
It is the final 8.  Steve E was just evicted after Brynn won HOH and originally put up Herbert, Tony, and James.  James won the veto along with a reward which allowed him to not allow someone to compete in an HOH.  He selected Steffeny, so only 6 will be competing in the popularity contest.  Vote in the poll below!
Yet another game of SYBBM with a few changed rules.  I am in search of 18 active players to outlast the many twists this game has. 
  The game is started with Survivor in two teams of 9.  Each team has a mole who will do his/her best to sabotage the immunity challenges.  Each time the mole successfully sabotages a challenge they get a point.  The game is played in Survivor mode until the final 10 where it becomes Big Brother.  It is just like normal Big Brother but the Moles come into play.  They have certain benefits which will become known and if you are a HOH who can get a mole out of the game you take his/her privelidges which will be very valuable. 
     A hint is that the better the mole does at sabotaging, the better or more rewards will be come Big Brother time.  The game may sound confusing but I promise you it will be a super fun game.
Updated: 9/20/04
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Last time the game took place in tropical Costa Rica.  This sequal will take place in the mysterious Indonesia, home to over 17,000 islands.  One of earth's largest volcanic eruptions took place on the volcano known as Krakatoa.  Avoid this volcano and become the sole survivor of SYBBM 2.