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My wife (who is 51) remembers going to Syd Booths to buy singles for 68p.

Andrew Sadler
I remember Syd Booth's in Sutton, but I didn't start buying records myself until probably the year that Revolver took over.  (I was a bit of a late starter where music was concerned!)

Heather Faulkes
I can't remember Syd Booth's but can remember Revolver! and my mum buying me a Billy Idol 12" after going to the dentist to have 2 teeth out. I'll ask my mum about it she'll probably remember

The first record I bought myself was from Sid booths. One step Beyond, Madness. Various singles were in boxes near the counter and I bought Elvis presley's Jail House Rock from there. Good memories if only short.

Steve aged 35
Blimey, Syd Booth's

I could never find anything and always ended up asking at the counter.  Straight away one of the staff would find what I'd been after within seconds.  Syd Booth's epitomised everything I remember about buying records in the late 70's.

I think the last thing I bought at Syd Booth's before Revolver opened was either Absolutely by Madness (it was me Birthday as well) or More Specials by The Specials.

At least where I buy my music has changed even if my music tastes haven't!

Rob Hoult, 34 (ex-Annesley Skinhead)

Saw your site and enjoyed it very much.  I remember Syd Booths as I lived in Sutton between 1976 and 1978.  I was always impressed by the records that were available - I myself bought many LPs there which are amongst my favourites even today.  I now live in Mexico but my family continue to live in or near Sutton.


Grant Annabel