Sydney Interline Club  Member of WACA
P.O.Box R262
Royal Exchange
Sydney, N.S.W. 2000

Messages from the Club and from WACA

Message from John Aarons -VP Special Projects

a.. If any interliners is interested in swapping their houses with other interliners in another city or country please contact me to place your request. It is a new project which WACA wanted to promote to our members.
b. The ones who are interested to sell WACKY our WACA bear it is for sale to a price of USD 5,00.
c. WACA CD's with music form all countries where WACA-clubs are living is available for USD 10,00. 
d. Pen-pale: Aslo member waiting to penpale with other interliners and friend. 

Please send me your addresses, also e-mail addresses.

Best regards. 

John Aarons
Vice President, Special Projects
World Airlines Clubs Association
Appartement 3E Bradsley Court
6 Hampden Street
Paddinton, N.S.W. 2021
Fax: +61-2-93321162


Message No. 03/2001.(dated Monday, February 19, 2001 10:35 PM)

/// A WACA Strategy Meeting was recently concluded in Oslo with the
intention of making WACA a respected and recognized Association within the
airline industry. President Maga Ramasamy and Secretary General Sissel
Andersen will prepare a summary of the meeting which will be distributed to
the clubs in the next mailing.

/// One of the items discussed at the meeting was the WACA web site. It is
recommended that interliners refer to the Rhine Main Interline Club web site
which can be found under <> for information on WACA until our web
site is updated.

/// Colin Mutch who until recently was the Regional VP for the Far East and
Australasia is taking a new wife on Sunday March 04. On behalf of the
Executive Committee and interliners worldwide we would like to wish Colin
and Wendy many years of wedded bliss
. Colin can be reached by e-mail
<> or by Sita ADLOOAN.

/// The Capetown Interline Club would like to remind interliners that March
01 is the deadline for their "Escape to the Cape" package. It is an early
deadline due to numerous deposits having to be made. A re-assessment of the
situation will be made on March 05.

Rgds, Aubrey.       

Message No. 02/2001 dated Do 25.01.2001

Interliners are requested to apply to the Sydney Interline Club for the Hop-Over to Sydney as soon as possible. John Aarons e-mail address is <> Program in the web: 
The Kiwi Package hosted by the Auckland IC is full.
The third edition of the year 2000 WACA World News has left Sri Lanka
and the package will include raffle books for the 2001 WACA raffle. In that regard, the Interline Club of Iceland has very kindly donated a prize for their Iceland Adventure package September 13-17. Please add this prize to the others appearing in the raffle books.

Details of the North American Regional Meeting have been finalised by
the Indianapolis IC and they are as follows:
Date: Friday April 20-22, 2001
Location: Wellesley Inn and Suites (317) 241-0700.
Call hotel directly for room reservations
at $56 night (also available Thursday and
Sunday night). Hotel separate from package price.
Package Price $60 per person, includes Hospitality
Suite snacks and beer/wine Friday night
2 Breakfasts
1 break
1 lunch
1 dinner
Registration forms can be downloaded from our website linked to WACA or they can be faxed.
Rgds, Aubrey.

Message No. 01/2001 dated Mo 08.01.2001

In the past year or so there have been numerous discussions on the future of the WACA web site. The Executive Committee has decided to handle it as follows:-
One interliner from each region has been appointed to act as a co-ordinator for that region and will be responsible for collecting and editing material for the WACA web site. This material will then be transmitted to one individual who will be responsible for updating the site.
Joe Lange will be responsible for the European Region and his e-mail is <>
John Schulze will be responsible for the Far East and Australasia Region and his e-mail is <>
Jacquie Lyseight will be responsible for the Latin America and Caribbean Region and her e-mail is <>
Yola Isaac will be responsible for the Near East and Africa Region and
her e-mail is <>
Ron Suslowicz will be responsible for the North American Region and his
e-mail is <
Ron will also be responsible for updating the web site.
It is hoped that all WACA clubs will eventually be linked to the main site with information on their club executive, details of their local events and details of their international events if they intend to host an event.
A meeting is being convened at WACA HQ at the end of January to implement the changes. Clubs will be kept informed.
 Rgds, Aubrey.

WACA-Message No. 26/2000 (dated Dec 21, 2000)

Here is a message from Past President Ramzi Shuwayhat.

My dear Interline family,
Since this was my last year as the President of WACA, it does not mean that
the world has come to an end for me. I just wanted to thank every one of you, as individuals and clubs, for the support you have given me, during my Presidency in the past four years, without which, my performance would not have been at its best.
I would also love to wish you, your families and loved ones, your club
a very Merry Christmas, and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, and to bring peace to the whole world.

Thank you again - one and all.
Yours in Interlining,
Ramzi Shuwayhat
Past - President


WACA-Message No. 25/2000 ( Dec 18, 2000)

The Interline Club of Portugal has a new committee. Amadeu Rodrigues  is the President, Mario Matos is the Secretary and Fernando Sousa is the  WACA rep. WACA Contact will be updated for the May 2001 mailing. The club e-mail address stays the same. ( )

The December mailing left HQ this week. Please advise if you have not  received it in a reasonable length of time.

On behalf of the WACA Executive Committee, headquarters staff and myself, I would like to wish all interliners and their families worldwide, happy holidays and good health in the New Year.
 Rgds, Aubrey.


Message No. 24/2000 (November 13,2000)

VP Sports and International Events Mia Johansson is requesting those clubs that did not provide brochures of their events at the AGA should  send her one copy and 200 copies should go to WACA HQ for the December mailing. Clubs with TBA against their events should also send her the dates of their events with a copy to HQ, as soon as they are known. Her
e-mail address is: "qfmia@ hotmail. com"  and her home address is  
Brannkyrkagatan 63, 
11822 Stockholm, 
The dates for the Kenya Safari have been changed. They are May 19-24,  2001. The Mombasa package will follow the Safari.

 The Jordan Interline Club informs me that the AGA brochure in circulation does not have the refund and cancellation details. They are as follows: Full refund till July 01, 2001. 50 per cent refund till August  01, 2001 and no refund after August 02, 2001.

Member of Honour BJ Shelton who took ill at the AGA is now recovering at home. Her phone number is 1-619-582-8981. The Queensland IC has a new postal address, it is c/o Marian Jackson,P.O. Box 3237, Norman Park, Queensland 4170. Australia.

Rgds, Aubrey.

Message No.23/2000 (Oct 30, 2000)

VP Special Projects John Aarons has Wacky Bears (US$5) for sale, anyone requiring any of these items should contact John at his e-mail address . He is also soliciting prizes for the 2001 WACA raffle.
The IC of Portugal informs me that they regretfully have to cancel the XVII Passarola Tennis Cup 2000 and the XV Passarola Golf Cup 2000 due to\ insufficient registrations.\
The WACA Executive Committee would like to thank all those interliners who took the trouble to bring coins for UNICEF, items for the WACA auction, Toys for Tots and Educational Material to the 33rd AGA in Chiangmai. Because of your generosity, money was raised for UNICEF and WACA and the children of Thailand benefitted from the toys and educational material.
The next WACA mailing is scheduled for early December, clubs wishing to have brochures included in this mailing should ensure that 200 copies reach HQ by November 20th at the latest.
Rgds, Aubrey.