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The Sydney N Scale Model Railway Club (SNSMRC) began as a modular club in 1970, members owning layout modules joined together as an operating layout.  Construction of our first permanent layout, the Cascade Union, began in 1988.  


The SNSMRC is an enthusiastic group of railway modellers with a great new layout.


The Blackfoot and New Meadows Railroad was commenced in 2006 and features a double track main line 22.7 scale kilometres (13.6 scale miles) long operated with Digital Command Control (DDC).


This new layout represents a bridge line located in the mountains of Idaho, USA, carrying traffic through twelve towns southeast to northwest across the central mountains of the state.   Trains of the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe are at home here, with an element of Canadian trains as well.


The layout is complete for main line running.   DCC allows fully independent control of locomotives without need for switching of power.   Construction of station yards and scenery is now progressing.


It may be fairly claimed that the Blackfoot and New Meadows Railroad is the first and largest DCC N scale layout in Australia, if not the largest N scale layout with any control system.


You are cordially invited to visit our Club and view the Blackfoot and New Meadows Railroad layout.    New members are most welcome.


This web site contains information on the Sydney N-Scale Model Railway Club.
The club's location, contact details, calendar of events and running dates,
membership details and application forms.
The Club's new layout BlackFoot and New Meadows is under construction but is running.   There is also pictures of the Club’s old layouts, Cascade Union and Cotton Creek.


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