Dogz of the Bulldog breed are known to be sweet and softhearted despite their stern looking faces. They love kittenz and puppyz and will carry them on their backs. They love bones and make a good match with Great Danes and Poddles.


Dogz of this breed are nervous, high-strung, and jealous of other petz. But with lots of love they will eventually calm down. But be careful, if you don't want a dog that barks alot this dog isn't for you!


Dogz of this breed are fun, outgoing, energentic, curouis and smart. Dogz of this breed are favorites among all dogz. They are good companions for young puppies and kittenz.


Dogz of this breed are widly engentic and need to spend alot of time running on the beach or chasing leaves in the backyard. You will need lots of patience and treatz to teach these dogz tricks.