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17 Feb
Well, it looks like things are coming to an end for Riot City in it's Current form.

Saturday's Ska Vs Rockabilly Show will also be Riot City's LAST GIG, which will be a bit of a sad day, but it's time to move on. Several of the members are sure to continue on with another, yet to be named project, but after two years and about 40 gigs Riot City is coming to an end.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us during this time.

Make sure you get along to the Empire @ Annandale and help make the last show one to remember. It'll be a great night. I'll do an update to the page after the show to let you know what the band members are up to.

5 Jan
This Saturday Riot City are back with their first gig for 2003 and our first gig at the Greensquare for a while. The Night is a Birthday Bash for Vic, who's been a great supporter of the band and also regularly helps out Martin and Mark on Rudeside. Come along and help him celebrate. It's also Emily's Birthday this week, so another reason to party. The Rioters will play first with an early start (about 8pm or 8.30pm) followed by Rated-X, from the central coast who are a punk band with horns (Riot City played their first gig with these guys back in May 2001). The Optionals are Emily's other band and they'll finish off the night with a "rockish rockabillyish indieish" mix. MarkH
30 Nov
Last Weekend's Ska vs Rockabilly 2 Gig was a great success. The Empire is a great "new" venue that can have bands playing till 2am or later. It was packed as well, but there wasn't much of a wait at the bar, which made for a great night.

Last night the Rioters made another trip to Newcastle. Even though the place was very quiet we made sure we enjoyed ourselves. It was very different to the packed Ska Trek Anniversary, which was the last gig we played there. Maybe because a lot of the Uni Students had finished for the year and headed back to Sydney or wherever they came from.

Next gig is the Backy Skank Christmas Party, which is always a great night. This year S*K*A*M (it wan't thier last gig), Riot City, and Blonde & Beyond join Backy Skank
25 Oct
The Rioters have a few gigs lined up in November. S*K*A*M's last gig on Friday the 1st, a Rockabilly/Ska night at the Empire Hotel, Annandale and another trip up to Newcastle. We'll also be playing at the Backy Skank Christmas Party in December. Check out the Gigs Page for details. MarkH
1 Oct
It's been all quiet on the Riot City Front. We are taking a month or so off from practice and gigs while people are on holidays and have exams/assignments due. It's the longest break we've had in about 2 years, so I hope we remember how to play after it. I've updated the photos from the last Ska Trek (actually, the train trips there and back) thanks to Margaret for these.

There are a few gigs lined up as well. The first is on Fri 1 November at the Harp which will be S*K*A*M's last gig. S*K*A*M and Riot City played their first gigs together and did their first tours together so I'm glad we got asked to play this one. We've also been asked back to the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle for a gig on 29 November. That one hasn't been confirmed, but I'm pretty sure we'll be there. It's getting closer to Christmas and we've been asked to the annula Backy Skank Christmas Party, which is always a good night. Stay tuned for more details. MarkH
13 Sep
Check out the photos from Ska Trek last month in Newcastle. Thanks to Glen Dizzybeat for them. MarkH
9 Sep
It seems a long time since our last gig. Maybe everyone has been recovering from the trip to Newcastle, which was definitely a night to remember.

Time for another gig at the Harp, so this Saturday the 14th is a "Ska vs Psychobilly Shootout". Lining up on the Ska side are Backy Skank and Riot City. Zombie Ghost Train and Slant 6 make up the Psychobilly contingent. Zombie Ghost Train is made up of members from The Arkoff Experiment and The Casino Rumblers. Slant 6 is the ex-bassit from Riot city, Torrin's, new band and you should know who Backy Skank are.

The gig is presented by 2SER's Ska and Punk show "Rudeside of the Force" (1am-3am Wed 107.3FM) hosted by two of the rioters, Martin and Mark.

2 Aug
Everyone's invited to join the Rioters on a "road trip" to SKA TREK's 1st Birthday in Newcastle this Friday Night (23 Aug). The Party starts with the 6:25pm train from Central. Pickups at Strathfield-6:36pm and Hornsby-6:56pm then arriving at Newcastle about 9pm. We'll be on the 2:50am train home arriving back at Central just in time for breakfast at the Crystal Palace Hotel. Here's King Ruffy's Flyer

More important information from Ruffy.... Before rocking up, please take it upon yourself to learn the words to the following songs:
  • Red Red Wine
  • The Tide Is High
  • No Woman No Cry
  • Jumpin Jack Flash
  • Smoke On The Water
  • Whiter Shade Of Pale
  • Buffalo Soldier
You WILL be tested before boarding. Prizes will be awarded for the smoker who lasts the longest without going to the toilet to smoke, and the best ticket evasion excuses.
5 Aug
This Saturday night (10 Aug) sees some "Damage Control" at the Green Square Hotel. S*K*A*M will be playing and I haven't seen them since last December, so I'm looking forward to it, along with the other bands.

Also there is another SKA and Psychobilly night on, this time at the Harp Hotel Sat 14 Sept. Get along for 2 Ska vs 2 Psychobilly bands. Backy Skank, Zombie Ghost Train, Riot City and Slant 6.

28 Jul
The Psychobilly and Ska night was a great success and hopefully we can organise another sometime in September. Maybe at the Harp next time. Next month Riot City head back up to Newcastle for the 1st birthday of Ska Trek (Fri 23rd) and there's also a good gig on at the Green Square on 10th August. SeeYa MarkH
17 Jul
Head to the Vic on the Park on Friday night and you'll be in for a night of Psychobilly and Ska Terror, well that's what the poster says.
Starting the night off will be Slant 6 a three piece Psychobilly band with Riot City's ex-bass player, Torrin, slapping away on the Double Bass. Riot City will be up second followed by Zombie Ghost Train finishing the night. Zombie Ghost Train is another Psychobily three piece with Stu Hibberd and other members of the Arkoff Experiment (I think). So get along for a bit of cross scene entertainment.
9 Jul
Saturday night (13 July) is a QLD vs NSW night at the Tartan Heart. First up is Breakeven from the Sunshine Coast, then Sydney's Riot City. Then The Kingtides from QLD and finishing the night with Backy Skank. So see you all at the Green Square Hotel.

There's also an all ages earlier in the after at Club 77, with Backy Skank, The Kingtides, Bagster, Breakeven and The Skam. It runs between 12pm and 5pm.

Contact info for Riot City has been updated, so you can check that out if you need to. MarkH
3 Jul
Last Friday night saw another addition to the Riot City Set List. The Song is Rough Rider by Prince Buster but we play it similar to The Beat version. Mr Gorman sings it and for those of you who don't know the song, its got a style like Whine or Grine.
Next gig is the Tartan Heart on Sat 13 at the Green Square. SeeYa MarkH
28 Jun
It's been a while since the Page has updated, but we've got a few new gigs lined up. Check out the Gigs Page. Tonight were playing at the Bat and Ball with Backy Skank and Blonde and Beyond. We are on early, at about 8.30. SeeYa MarkH
13 Jun
Last Saturday was Riot City's first All Ages gig. With the lineup being mainly street punk/oi we were the "odd one out", but it was good to be able to introduce some of the younger punks to old ska and it was pretty good all round. It's a shame that a few people didn't know when to stop having "fun", but there's enough being said on other sites/lists about that.
This weekend sees us return to the Northpoint. This time supporting Halfdave's CD launch. Gigs coming up are at the Bat and Ball on 28 June and a Tartan Heart, that's still to be confirmed, on 13 July. SeeYa Soon MarkH.
7 June
If you looking to get away from Sydney this weekend then have we got a deal for you! Azzi De-Railled has organised an All Ages extravaganza at the Coledale Senior Citizen Club (Coledale is an outer suburb of Wollongong and it's on the train line too). The show kicks off around 4.30pm and there are 11 bands playing including Topnovil, Rukus, Run For Cover, Shambles, Brazen Hearts and heaps more and it will only cost you $3.
Don't forget it is All Ages so keep you drugs and alcohol hidden and away from the minors (lol). Marv..
24 May
Don't miss Mutiny... Last night's gig was great. You can see them either tonight at the Green Square or on the Harbour Cruise Saturday. Leaves the Casino Wharf at 3pm. Thanks to Ryan Splint for organising their tour.

The gig last night saw the debut of another Riot City original, Have Mercy, a reggae song that Tom wrote and sings the lead vocals for. It was also Lister's first full gig and things were bouncing along very nicely. Next gig is supporting Halfdave for their CD launch at the Northpoint on Saturday 15 June. MarkH
20 May
Today, I added some photo's from the North Point gig with Bagster and Backy Skank on 5th april and also added Glynn Dizzybeat's fine review of Riot City's 1st Birthday party at the Harp on the 11th of May.
For those of you who missed out of our 1st Birthday CD, there are still a few left which you can get by writing to us here at the site or by asking any band member at the next gig, make sure you get in quick before they all run out we only made 100! Oh yeah, don't forget to ask about badges and stickers while you're in a merch mood.
Riot City's next gig is back at the Harp on Thursday 23 May, with Mutiny from Melbourne, who play "folk punk for punk folk". It will be Lister's first official gig....Marv
12 May
Thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday night and helped us celebrate our Anniversary and make Torrin's farewell gig one to remember. Bagster and Backy Skank are pretty hard acts to follow, but it made us play on of our better sets (maybe our best). It was good to see so many there and most of the "birthday" CD's we put together for the night have gone. If you want to get one of the remaining ones, e-mail me or ask someone in the band at a gig. We also now have stickers and badges as well.

Here's some of the thanks/events/surprises of the night, in no particular order:
  • Simon Backy Skank singing Night Boat to Cairo with us. I don't believe it's taken 12 months for him to do this
  • Ben and Vic leading the crowd in a chorus of Happy Birthday
  • A 1st Birthday Card Penrith Crew. Complete with the "I'm 1" badge
  • Some people turned up because they heard about the gig on Nova FM ??????????
  • Starting the set with Skinhead Moonstomp
  • Debut of another original, The Russian One, which was also a debut for Lister, who is filling in on Bass now that Torrin has left
Riot City's next gig is back at the Harp on Thursday 23 May, with Mutiny from Melbourne, who play "folk punk for punk folk". It'll also be Lister's first full gig. See You there. MarkH
9 May
All is set for a big night at the Harp on Saturday. It's Tozza's last stand with the Riot City and we are playing with Backy Skank and Bagster, so get along and make it a night to remember.

The CD we have put together for the event is finished and you can have a look at the cover here. (Didn't Emily do an excellent job?) On the Cd you'll find 12 tracks, 4 from each of the Vic on the Park, Northpoint and Green Square gigs. The CD also has heaps of multimedia stuff on it. Put it in your PC to get 5 video clips, an additional 10 songs as MP3s, about 180 photos from gigs and a copy of the Riot City Website.

The recordings are "warts and all" live tracks and several of the MP3s were chosen more for what the crowd said rather than the actual songs (....yes we can recognise your voices). It's a bit of fun and with all the other stuff on the CD it's a very good memento of this time. If you are a regular at Riot City gigs there's probably a photo of you somewhere in the CD.

The door entry on Saturday is $6, but pay $10 and you will also get a copy of the CD. It's a very limited run and if there is any left after the gig they will be $6 (which is how much they cost us to produce). See you there MarkH
2 May
Torrin has decided to leave Riot City, so the Birthday gig on 11 May will also be "Tozza's Last Stand". We have another bass player who is getting up to speed on our set and so far things are looking good. So we should be "giging" as per usual after the 11 May. MarkH
30 Apr
Here's some info to keep you up to date with the Rioters. The Riot City 1st Birthday Gig is on Sat 11 May at the Harp with Backy Skank and Bagster. We will also have a special limited edition CD available at the Gig!!!!!!! This will be have some live recordings made at our recent gigs and will also have a mulitmedia part for use on PCs. This will include the web page with all it's photos and info, MP3s and video clips so it'll be something a bit different. Very much a D.I.Y. production and something that we wanted to have for those that have supported us over the last year.

Don't miss the Tartan Heart this Saturday, with those visiting Melbournites Commissioner Gordon, at the Vic on the Park. See You all there or at the Riotous Birthday gig. Don't forget to tune into "Rudeside of the Force" Wednesday mornings 1am-3am 2SER 107.3 FM MarkH

15 Apr
Tartan Heart FlyerWell, its that time of the month again...
Sydney's one and only monthly ska night, The Tartan Heart Ska Nite Klub will be held at the Green Square Hotel, cnr Bourke and Elizabeth street, Zetland this saturday 20th April. This months line-up kicks off with The Titan Outfits followed by Riot City and headlined by Backy Skank (fresh from their tour with Bad Manners). Guest DJs Simon and Crappy will be spinning all your favourite ska tracks from the 70's, 80's and 90's.
Once again Riot City will be attempting to record their set for possible inclusion in a upcoming live album so we need all the crowd noise we can get!
The evening starts around 8pm and will cost you just $6 entry fee, 18 and over only, ID may be requested.
4 Apr
Don't forget Friday Night at the Northpoint (5th Apr Flyer). We will be recording the show for an upcoming live compilation and multimedia CD, so be there to be part of that. Marvin and MarkH from Rudeside of the Force (2SER) will be spinning some ska tracks before and between the bands. There's also rumours of some old classics being perfomed by a combined "Big Band". MarkH
25 Mar
Thanks to all who came along last Friday night. It was a bit of a shame that DRUM didn't print the ad for the gig, which meant there were quite a few that didn't know about the it. But we still managed to have a good time... especially Tommy D, from Bagster who took his trombone onstage with all the bands. He was also well and truely "christened" while playing with the Lyrical Madmen.

Next gig is at the Northpoint on Friday 5th April with Backy Skank and Bagster. Here's a Flyer for the show. MarkH
18 Mar
Whatever you have planned for this weekend you had better make sure you include a trip to the Vic on the Park, Enmore on Friday (22/3), The Rudeside of the Force, (2Ser 107.3FM) will be presenting a SKA Bonanza featuring Riot City, The Lyrical Madmen and Bagster and DJs Marv and Mark H. Marv..
1 Mar
Has it been a year already????? ..... Well almost. Birthdays are becoming a bit of a regular feature at the Harp, so we're planning a Riotous Birthday Celebration for Saturday the 11 May, to mark the Anniversary of Riot City's first gig. We are going to be joined by our good friends Backy Skank, Bagster and The Last Hemeroids (that is, if they've come back from their summer vacation). Hope to see you there. MarkH
26 Feb
Next Gig Friday 22 March at the Vic on the Park Hotel. MarkH
25 Feb
Thanks to TommyD from Bagster for organising last Sat night at the Harp. Bagster have been getting heaps better the last few gigs I've seen and Sat night didn't disappoint. Riot City played one of their better sets and debuted another orginal "Don't Argue". No gigs confirmed at the moment, but about 4 in the pipeline. SeeYa Soon. MarkH
21 Feb
Just a quick reminder that Riot City will be appearing at the Harp Hotel, 900 Princes Hwy, Tempe this Saturday night (23/2) along with our old chums Bagster and a brand spankin new band called Titan Outfits. This will be the Titans first pub gig so make sure you get there early, show starts at 8.30 ish and will cost you $6. The Sydney Riot Crew will be hitting the stage around 11pm.
18 Feb
There are some new photos from Lauren and April's party/gig at the Harp Hotel on Friday 8th February stolen from the Dizzybeat site, big thanks to Glen Smith. Marv..
11 Feb
Well, it sure was a good weekend for the Rioters. Lauren and April's gig at the Harp was great, with The Shambles kicking off the night followed by Run for Cover and then AVO's return with a short set. Riot City set up and did a sound check and then Army of Clowns did a few songs. SKAM couldn't get back together for the night but SIM, Dave, and little Dave were there and played "Rude Boy", accompanied by Riot City Horns and Keys and of course the Birthday Girls.

It was also great to see Crappy and Dyani there, even though they hadn't been to sleep since arriving back in Australia. Emily handed over the Trumpet to Crappy for Al Capone and then he played the rest of the set, handing back to Emily during Skinhead Moonstomp (the last song). We still don't know how the line-up will change now that Crappy is back home, but you'll probably see a 4 piece horns section.

Another hightlight was a couple of new songs for Riot City. We started the set off with the Ethiopians classic from the 60's "Train to Skaville" and debuted a Riot City original, "Come On" with lyrics and vocals by King Ruffy. A couple of comments I heard people make about this were .... "fun song, catchy horn lines" ..."a bit of Judge Dread in the Lyrics".

Saturday night saw us head north to Newcastle for SKA TREK 5. This time it was in the front bar of the Cambridge, which is smaller, but has a much better atmosphere. Thanks to all the Newcastle Skins that always make us feel welcome when we're there and a big thanks to Brett and the Cambridge for making SKA TREK happen.

I've added some new pictures from the Harp gig in January to the Photos section. Thanks to Hilton for these. MarkH
6 Feb
I've made a few updates to the Page. Ruffy has a new installment on Rioter's Rant, there is review of the 11 Jan Harp Gig, and Gorman has put together a "Photo Diary" for the first Newcastle and Melbourne trips. See You all on Friday or Sat Night. MarkH
5 Feb
Just a quick reminder that Riot City will be at the Harp Hotel this Friday with Run For Cover and AVO and then on Saturday we're off to the the Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle to join the PornSkas, Rated X and Rubix Cuba at Ska Trek #5.
Keep your diaries clear for Saturday 23rd Feb as will will be joining Unpaid Debt and Bagster at the Harp. Marv...
21 Jan
Well everything is confirmed for the 8th/9th of February weekend. The Harp at Tempe will be the focus of attention on Friday night (8/2). It's Lauren's and April's birthday party, the line-up (at this stage) is Run for Cover, Riot City and A.V.O. (back from the dead after nearly two years). Other possibles are S*K*A*M - for one final gig and maybe Loyal if half the band have finished moving house by then....
On Saturday (9/2) the Sydney Riot Crew will be heading up the highway to Newcastle, it's Ska Trek time again and this will be episode #5. Rubix Cuba, Rated X and The Pornskas will be joining us in the front bar of the Cambridge Hotel for a skankin good time, so if you live up that way and feel like a keen night out you know where to be.
Hey, watch out for a couple of new additions to the set list over the next couple of weeks. We have been working on several originals and a couple of definate trad ska classics.... Happy Australia Day! Marv...
14 Jan
Thanks to Tracey Loyal for orgainising last Friday night. It was a good night. Hopefully the Rioters will be back at the Harp in February for another Birthday Gig (if it goes ahead). More info to come when details are confirmed.
For anyone interested... Our good friends Backy Skank are playing at the Northpoint on Friday night, 18 Jan.... I'll be there. MarkH
10 Jan
You can catch Riot City at the Harp Hotel tommorrow night (Fri 11 Jan). It's a birthday gig for Tracey Loyal, it's FREE!!! and should be a good night. The other bands playing are Loyal, Sydney Guns and Doc Evil. MarkH
19 Dec
Make Sure you check out the photos I added today... There are pictures from Upstairs at Mayfields Nite Klub and The Birmingham Hotel in Melbourne and The Tartan Heart Christmas Party at the Annandale Hotel. A big thank you to Mel Loyal for taking all these great photos.
Hope you all have a great Christmas and a terrific New Year! Marv...
17 Dec
The Backy Skank Christmas Party was a great night, as always and I'm glad we were asked to play at it. The next Riot City Gig is for Tracey Loyal's birthday on Friday 11 January, at the Harp Hotel Tempe. All the best for Christmas. MarkH
12 Dec
Don’t miss the Third Annual Backy Skank Christmas Party on Thursday night at the Annandale Hotel. As usual there will be some skanked up Christmas carols, give-aways, heaps of Christmas gear and band merch. The first 25 through the door will be getting an early Christmas present from Riot City and even Santa will be turning up.

Band times are Lightly Salted Peanuts 8:30-9:00pm, Riot City 9:15-9:45pm, Lyrical Madmen 10:00-10:45pm, Backy Skank 10:45-11:45pm, Santa and pressies sometime about 11pm......

Last weekend the Rioters joined S*K*A*M and played 3 gigs in Melbourne. Thursday night we played the Ska Bar at the Arthouse, which was great, but I think the days driving and nights drinking had an adverse effect on our performance. The gig planned for Friday night fell through, but at the last minute, we organised to get together at the Birmingham Hotel in a room out the back. There was about 40 or so there and it was really just a party for the Sydneysiders and a few others that came along, but we made the most of it. I think the Riot City Horns played their best gig, even though there was no stage and the PA had mics for vocals only (on second thoughts maybe that helped us…). Saturday night we played a gig upstairs at Mayfields in Collingwood.

Thanks to the Wollongong Crew and everyone that came along to the gigs. The bands we played with, Trojan Horns, Mr Coffee and S*K*AM. Sharon Gordon and the Bootgirls Jo and Rach for orgainising the gigs and Gary from the Birmingham Hotel, Collingwood.

Quotes of the Weekend:

“I’m not a Viking I’m a headbanger” - Metal head talking to Ruffy when we got back to the Arthouse after Metal bands had finished.

“Excuse me sir do you own this vehicle” – Tom after stopping a police car

“That was a waste… Trams don’t have tires…” – involved broken glass

“Three lefts make a right” – Emily assisting with navigation.

“…and then the Rainbow Lorikeet said to his friends… you’re all a bunch of cunts…” – Dreamtime stories on the way back to Sydney.

3 Dec
First of all, Thanks to Lucinda of Salubrious Melodies for organising last Friday night's show at Katoomba. It was a good night, we had fun doing our set and even slipped a new song in, Watermelon Man. This also included an impromptu solo by Dave, trombonist from Addiction 64.

The big news this week is the Riot City and S*K*A*M tour...... Look out Melbourne, 'cause there's about 25 Sydneysiders heading south for this one and it's about time you find out what's been hapening in Sydney. We'll be playing the Ska Bar on Thurday night and a couple of other gigs, see the gig section for details.

Christmas is just about here and so is the Annual Backy Skank Christmas Party. They usually keep it to themselves, but this year they are being joined by Riot City and a couple of other bands. It's on Thursday the 13 December at the Annandale Hotel.... more details to come. MarkH
15 Nov
A few page updates today. Rioters' Rant has been updated with two installments from Crappy and Ruffy's view of the Bluekilla Tour. Leeroy has a new Bio. Our Guitarist Tom has a Bio page, but there isn't much there yet and the Timeline on the Bio page has been updated. Also, the Katoomba gig on the 30 Nov has now been confirmed.

Don't forget the Tartan Heart this FRIDAY night at the Green Square, with the Hemeroids, Lyrical Madmen and Deny. MarkH
12 Nov
The venue for the Sat night gig in Melbourne has been changed. It's now Mayfields, 103 Smith Street Collingwood. MarkH
8 Nov
I've put up some photos from Ska Trek 2, in newcastle. Thanks to Sue for these.
1 Nov
Thanks to Backy Skank for organising last Friday night at the Bat & Ball Hotel and to everyone who showed up. The Rioters picked up the pace of their set so that we could finish all the songs in time and there were people who told me they enjoyed the faster pace. There was also the Sydney debut of the first Riot City original, Act of War.

I've put some very sketchy details up for our December gigs in Melbourne and we should be playing at a show in the Blue Mountains on Fri 30 Nov, thanks to Lucinda of Solubrious Melodies. MarkH
24 Oct
The Bios for Ruffy and Lindsay (Chips) have been updated. See you all at the Bat and Ball Friday night. MarkH
22 Oct
Saturday night at the Annandale was great all round. Thanks to everyone who turned up and to Marv, for organising the night. Tom played his first gig with Riot City and having those upbeats going on guitar made the everything hang together much better. Time will tell if Tom becomes a fixture in the line-up (I sure hope he does).

For me it was a pleasure to see and have a skank to S*K*A*M again, and Bulldog Spirit, who made the trip up from Canberra, but all the bands were good, doing different styles. Check out Rioters' Rant, for Marv's "Mouth Off" on the weekend (he'll update it sometime today).

Next Friday night at the Bat and Ball is shaping up to be a good one with Riot City joining Backy Skank and The Lyrical Madmen ... put you dancing shoes on for this one!

Look Out Melbounre... The Rioters will be hitting your town for the December Ska Bar (Arthouse Hotel) and some other gigs between 6-9 December (Thanks to Bootgirls Business. I'll put up more details soon. MarkH
18 Oct
Rioters' Rant has been updated with Ruffy's latest installment (Sorry it took so long Ruffy). See you all at the Annandale on Sat night. MarkH
15 Oct
This Saturday - 20th October 2001, Riot City will be playing at the Annandale Hotel, Parramatta Road, Annandale with Loyal, Hippycrits, S*K*A*M and all the way from Canberra - Bulldog Spirit, it's only $8 to get in, the show kicks off around 8pm so don't be late.... Marv
27 Sep
Make sure you check out "Marvin Mouths Off" and "Crappy's Corner" for his latest adventures in the UK and Holland in the Rioters' Rant . I have added some details about our first official original "Act of War" in the Set List section and Miss Emily finally has a bio.
See you all at the Harp Hotel, Temp tomorrow evening be there or be square. Marv
24 Sep
SKA TREK II has come and gone. It was a good night with both The Mad Dash and Riot City trying out some new stuff. I'm glad we got there in time to see Deny's first gig. They were great doing mainly covers from Specials and the Clash and it'll be good to see them get down to the Tartan Heart sometime. Next Friday night The Rioters team up with The Last Hemeroids and Bagster for a gig at my favourite venue, The Harp Hotel Tempe. Hope to see you there. MarkH
20 Sep
SKA TREK, Newcastles Monthly Ska Nite Klub is on this Saturday 23rd Sept the Cambridge Hotel, 789 Hunter St (Cnr Wood St), Newcastle. The Line Up is The Mad Dash, Riot City, Rubix Cuba, Deny and Operation Lager with Brian "Clash City Rocker" Powell as guest DJ. Doors open at 8pm and it will Cost you $5. Riot City will be taking a bus up as usual which will be picking up from Central station at 5pm and North Sydney station at 5.30pm and returning after the show for just $14.99 plus GST. We still have a couple of spare seats left so email either MarkH or Marvin for your chance to be part of this exciting offer!
See ya there skankers...Marvin

18 Sep
The lineup for the Gig on 26 Oct at the Bat and Ball is looking very good with Backy Skank, Riot City and The Lyrical Madmen. Next gig is at SKA TREK in Newcastle. MarkH
14 Sep
Make sure you check out "Marvin Mouths Off" in the Rioters' Rant for some comments about gigs in Sydney. Thanks to Ryan Splint there's also new Photos up too. SeeYa tonite at the Green Square. MarkH
13 Sep
Riot City have a gig at the Harp Hotel, Tempe, on Friday 28 September. Hope to see you all at the Tartan Heart tomorrow night, where it looks like there will be four bands as Rubix Cuba have pulled out. So there's more time to listen to Riot Cities' Ruffy and Gorman, who are rumoured to be the Guests DJ's for the night. MarkH
7 Sep
The lineup for the next Tartan Heart has been confirmed. It's on FRIDAY 14 Sept and it's a 7pm start because there are 5 bands playing. Bands are: The Last Hemeroids, Little More Than You, Riot City, Rubix Cuba (Newcastle), The Skam. MarkH
4 Sep
The Rioters have a couple of more gigs lined up and there's a good chance we'll have a new guitarist at these. First gig being at the Greensquare on Fri 14 Sept with Addiction 64 from Melbourne, The Skam and Little More than You, which should be a good mix of bands for the night. This is followed up by SKA TERK in Newcastle on 22 Sep and then with Backy Skank on 26 October at the Bat and Ball.

Don't forget Rudeside tonight and every tuesday night, 1am-3am 2SER 107.3FM, to hear Martin, Mark and Torrin spinning ska, punk, reggae ..... tracks. MarkH
29 Aug
The Rioters will be taking a 13 seater minibus up to Newcastle for the next Ska Trek, Sat 22 Sep. If anyone wants a seat send us an e-mail or get in touch with one of us. The bands appearing are The Mad Dash, Riot City, Rubix Cuba, Operation Lager and Deny.

"If Ruffy Ruled the World" has been updated, so have a look in the Rioters' Rant. (Sorry it took a while to get there Ruffy). MarkH
21 Aug
Added photo's of the August Tartan Heart Ska Klub to the site. Thanks to Rod and Glen for them. MarkH
20 Aug
After Friday nights gig, I've got a new favourite venue in Sydney. The Harp Hotel has a great sound system, open fire, heaps of beers to choose from and even a kebab shop next door. For the bands there's back door next to the stage for gear and the sound onstage is excellent, it sure makes a difference if you can hear what you are playing.

Bagster played their first set in about 6 months and it was good to see them back. It was Koby Bagster's birthday and he partied hard and disappeared before the end of the night. Little More Than You were a surprise. I hadn't heard anything about them and didn't expect them to be ska, but, like Bagster, they play a style similar to Reel Big Fish and did a good job of it.

The Rioters were up next and we were very happy with the way the set went. We managed to fill out the bits where guitar used to be and tried a couple of changes to songs that worked. S*K*A*M, as always, put on an awsome show playing covers from Sublime and Bob Marley, and their own stuff including favourites like VD Blues and DT Patient.

All round it was one of the best nights out I've had for a while. Thanks to Ryan for organising it and hopefully there's more SKA coming to the Harp soon. MarkH
17 Aug
Riot City are playing tonight at the Harp Hotel, Tempe, with S*K*A*M, Bagster and Little More Than You (8pm-12am). Torrin's Riotous Bass has a new installment, check it out in the Rioters' Rant. MarkH
14 Aug
It's a bit late ... but just letting you know that tonight, Torrin, Marvin and Mark will be joining Beth on Rudeside of the Force 2SER's Ska and Punk radio show. (Wed mornings 1am-3am 107.3 FM). MarkH
13 Aug
Well, we pulled it off ... just. Last Sat night we played without a guitarist and Marv was on vocals for songs Marco used to do (a very hard act to follow). With Crappy now overseas, Emily played the full set with us and did a great job. Rod was there taking photos so we should have some photos including Emily up sometime. It was a shame that Brazen Hearts couldn't play, from what I heard the pub wouldn't let them because some were under 18.

On the guitarist front. There's about five names that have been mentioned and some are eager to come along to practice, so hopefully we'll have someone soon.

Next Friday night should be a good night at the Harp, with S*K*A*M, Bagster, Riot City and Little More Than U. The Rioters will be playing with the same line-up as last Saturday and should be more comfortable with it. Maybe there'll also be a guest appearance on vocals. I'm pretty sure it's also Koby Bagster's Birthday.

Check out the Rioter's Rant for Ruffy's latest comments. MarkH
9 Aug
Riot City will be Joining No Idea from Melbourne and The Brazen Hearts (formally Tenfold) at the Tartan Heart Nite Klub, Green Square Hotel this Saturday 11th August. We will also be playing at The Harp Hotel in Temp on Friday 17th August with S*K*A*M, Bagster and Little More Than U so watch out for that one.Marv...
2 Aug
Updated the Biography page with the current lineup and also a "Timeline" of what happened when. MarkH
31 Jul
Crappy's Corner has been updated with Tom's first installment. MarkH
29 Jul
Crappy's Corner, in the Rioter's Rant section, has some photos of Tom and Dyani in Singapore. There are also new photos of the last Tartan Heart gig at the Vic, thanks to Rod for those. MarkH
27 Jul
Well... Riot City is looking for a new Guitarist/Singer. Marco is now going to be working in the evenings and won't be able to continue with the Riot crew. So, if there's anyone out there with a love for Rocksteady, Reggae and Roots Ska, can sing and play guitar and wants to be in Riot City, get in touch with us. Thanks to Marco for his efforts over the last six months. His vocals on some of our songs are going to be hard to replace.

The Rioters will definitely continue. We want to find a someone new but, we've had practices without guitar and initially we thought of trying to do without guitar. Depending on what happens over the next few weeks, you might even see a gig or two without guitar (which would be something different).

Riot City will be playing the next the next SKA TREK! at the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle, on 22 September. This time it's a Saturday night which will make the road trip easier to co-ordinate.

On the website... There's some more details on the Bio page with Crappy's view of "Riot City. The Early Days." Also there is a new section in Rioters' Rant, "Crappy's Corner", where updates on Crappy and Dyani's UK adventures will be appearing. MarkH
23 Jul
Riot City are NOT playing the Bar Broadway Gig on the 28 July.
20 Jul
There's been a bit of conflicting information about the Bar Broadway Gig on the 28 July. Looks like we might not be playing it. I'll update the page in the next few days when it's confirmed one way or the other. MarkH
16 Jul
What a Great Weekend! On Friday night Riot City had the privilege of playing at Episode I of Newcastle’s Ska Trek Ska Club. Friday the 13th proved to be unlucky in some ways. With the band gear in one van and the band and a "crew" in another we all headed north. But the van with all the gear had some mis-adventures and arrived two hours later than the rest of the band. There were some very anxious Rioters pacing the footpath outside the Cambridge, waiting for the gear to arrive. Then there was the case of the vanishing sound engineer ... but I’m not going to go into that any further. But everything considered, it was a great start to the ska club with over 180 people coming into the Cambridge for a night of ska from local and Sydney bands. A big thanks to Miss Emily who made her debut with Riot City. Emily is going to fill in on Trumpet while Crappy is overseas and hasn’t had much of a chance to practice with us, but she played excellently.

Congratulations go to Brett and Brian for organising the night. From the experience of the first night I know Episode II will be even better and all you Novacastrians, who say you like ska, should get out at support it. (See http://www.deny.live.com.au/skatrek.html for more info)

For me, the Tartan Heart's First Birthday on Saturday night was the best yet. Topnovil started the night early playing old skool punk and mixing it with ska, the Rioter’s were up next. It’s a bit hard to comment about your own band but, most of us felt it was best we had played yet. S*K*A*M are excellent on of my favourites at the moment. Hemeroids played a mostly ska set and then Backy Skank hit the stage. With 10 of them onstage there wasn’t much room for movement. They have had some line-up changes but still pumped out the most skankable ska around. They played some classics Nite Klub, These Boots ... some of their old favourites, Waste of Space, Fashion Victims... and new stuff that is great as well Getaway, Who Do... etc. These guys should definitely be doing more shows... I need the exercise.

Other news and rumours ... Next Riot City gig is at Bar Broadway on Sat 28 July. We are supporting Bridget Handley’s CD Launch. I dropped in to see Gorman getting his "monster" coloured in by Rick at Manly Tattoo on Sunday, right at the most painful bit... I’ve heard a roumour that Ruffy bought uniforms for Riot City at an Op Shop (that’s scary).

6 Jul
Added more photo's from Bar Broadway gig. MarkH
5 Jul
The line up for Friday the 13th is now: RIOT CITY (Sydney), TOPNOVIL (Wollongong), RUBIX CUBA (Newcastle), UNPAID DEBT (Sydney) SCHINDLERS PIST, THE PORNSKAS (Newcastle). Still $4 bucks entry, starts 8pm and Brian "Clash City Rocker" Powell will be guest DJ for the night. Check out the info page for Ska Trek - http://www.deny.live.com.au/skatrek.html
4 Jul
Find out what some of the Rioter's Have to say ... Have a look at the "Rioters' Rantings". See what things would be like if Ruffy Ruled the World. Hear Marvin Mouth Off and Torrin's Riotous Bass. MarkH
3 Jul
Today I added some photos by Ryan Splint of the Northpoint Gig on Wednesday 20th June and some promo shots from early June - taken by Miss Emily at St Peters Studios. Marv
2 Jul
Riot On Broadway...

Friday 29th saw three of Sydney’s leading ska acts, Lyrical Madmen, S*K*A*M, and Riot City, rip up the stage of Bar Broadway with uppy guitar licks and blazing horns.

S*K*A*M were first up, if you haven’t seen these guys, you’ve done yourself a great injustice. Close your eyes and you could almost con yourself into thinking you were back in ’77 at an X-ray spex punk-fest! Next up were Riot City, blazing through an extra long set of Jamaican classics, sending the dancefloor awash with a frenzy of skankin’. Percussionist Gorman provided his own special brand of sex appeal to a group of girls who rushed to follow suit as he ripped his shirt off, and King Ruffy roared out a comedic toasting to Max Romeo classic, Chase the devil, jumping into the crowd and skanking it up with Sydney’s finest. Audrey the double bass made her debut, and Torrin, in true birthday spirit, slapped out a floor shaking rhythm. The set finished off with blazing horn driven rendition of "Got to get away", the Paragons rocksteady narrative of tennement lifestyle.

The Lyrical Madmen headed the bill, their modern ska sound kept the kids dancing with a bit of prompting from the Madmen’s own dancers, who, from anonymous reports, are coming closer to death by crowd every gig they attend.

Next stop Newcastle, hope to see you all there, with your braces together and your boots on your feet! Torrin

2 Jul
Updates to the page today are some photos of the Riot Crew at Bar Broadway and the new RC song "Got to Get Away" added to Set List page. Also the don't forget to check out If Ruffy Ruled the World... from the Links page or his Bio. MarkH
26 Jun
Updates to the site include Bios for all of the band except Chips, a "Set List" of the songs RC have played with some trivia and background on them, lyrics, a couple of Reviews of RC gigs and the menu at the bottom now has the date that new info was added. SeeYa at Bar Broadway ... or the Crystal Palace. MarkH
25 Jun
Friday before the Bar Broadway show, the social club is holding a special anniversary event. Come down to the Cystal Palace Hotel next to Raben On George St for WHISKEY and food. BYO cash of course. Meet down there 630-7ish and if nobody else is there, order a Tullamore and Milk in a tall glass with no ice and you'll probably hear some great storys from the staff about us. This night is not completely in vain...It's a good looking pub that is about to go 24hours with an entertainment license and we are friends with them. DO THE MATH. Here comes RC Sound System till 6am. Oh yeah the drinks are cheap as well. peace. Ruffy
21 Jun
Last night saw a great turnout for the Northpoint Tavern. Thanks to all those who turned up. Without Gorman there was definitely something missing (so Gorman... I hope your exams going well today). Special thanks to the Tartan Heart Crew (Dyani and Jem) and others who helped out on the door.

Next gig is Bar Broadway Fri 29th June with the Lyrical Madmen and S*K*A*M and then it's off to Newcastle for "Ska Trek 2001" on Fri 13 July!   We are hoping we can get a couple of mini-buses to take the band and a Crew north.   There's a pretty health ska scene in Newcastle so it will be good to join them for a dose of Sydney Ska.   Contact us if you want a seat on a bus and see Gig Guide for details. MarkH
18 Jun
Don't forget Wed nights Gig at the Northpoint. On the website I changed the layout of pages, added Reviews and Ruffy's Bio. MarkH
14 Jun
Added Photos from last Saturday night's gig. MarkH
12 Jun
The Sydney Ska Scene has had it's biggest week in a long time. Bad Manners doing three gigs, H-Block, Area-7, The Living End, Mad Caddies and finishing it off with Lyrical Madmen, Riot City and The Skam at the Tartan Heart Ska Klub.

Anyone who missed The Skam, keep an eye out for them. This was the second time they'd played the Tartan Heart and they sure had improved (or maybe just played better on the night). Nice and tight with a good mix of originals and covers from bands such as OP Ivy and Specials, plenty of people up skanking. A big thanks for all those that got up on the dancefloor for Riot City. The Lyrical Madmen played a great set, they are my favorite Sydney band at the moment. There is a live recording of a gig they did earlier in the year and it's well worth making the effort to get a copy.

If you want to see Riot City play, come along to The Northpoint on Wed 20th June or Bar Broadway Fri 29th June, as Crappy will be heading overseas in July and it could be a while before the next gig. MarkH
6 Jun
The Web page has had a bit of a face lift. It's now got pictures and is a bit more organised.

This weekend Riot City play the Tartan Heart Ska Klub with THe LYRICaL MaDMEN and The Skam (Sat 20 June). The Tartan Heart is always a good night.

If you want to see Riot City play, come along to one of the gigs in June as Crappy will be heading overseas in July and it could be a while before the next gig.

Last updated at 22:38 on Monday 17 February 2003