"The 12 characteristics of the anti-life mentality-
Knowing the characteristsics of the anti-life mentality helps pro-lifers understand the psychology of their opposition, and recognise anti-life ideas (even when they are disguised as the truth). As Christians, it also helps us to see the warning signs in our own souls.
The 12 characteristics are-
1) Humanistic - The anti-life mentality is inherently humanistic. It sees mankind as the ultimate judge of morality. Eg. `We affirm that moral values derive their source from human experience.` The Humanist Manifesto II (1973)
2) Embraces Situational Ethics - Anti-lifers argue that thruth depends upon the circumstances of the current moment. They deny all objective truth, claiming that `we have to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong`. Decisions made on this subjective basis are often illogical, arbitrary and unjust.
3) Confuses genuine & counterfeit freedoms - Anti-life groups claim the 'freedom' to do many evil and dangerous things, Eg. the 'freedom to choose' abortion. Yet the Catechism of the Catholic Church warns us that `There is no true freedom except in the service of what is good and just. The choice to do evil is an abuse of freedom and leads to 'the slavery of sin' [Romans 6:17].` CCC #1731
4) Motivated by Guilt - God is always calling us to Himself so sin causes inescapable guilt. Anti-lifers try to overcome the guilt of their immoral lifestyles by demanding 'tolerance'. Ultimately, what they want, however, is not tolerance of their behaviour (which implies that the behaviour is itself undesirable or at least inferior) but society's wholehearted approval. They demand their sins be recognised as legal rights and social blessings.
5) Short-sighted - The anti-life mentality places emphasis on short-term 'solutions' that don't work rather than harder long-term solutions that do work, Eg. Needle exchange programs that lead to more AIDS and more drug addiction; or explicit sex education which leads to more teen fornication, diseases and abortion; or population control which leads to human rights abuses and demographic imbalances.
6) Selfish - Anti-lifers fight only for their own rights, regardless of who else gets hurt and the impact on society. This mentality is uncompromising because self-interest is a powerful motivator.
7) Coercive - Anti-lifers must use coercion because they are demanding illicit 'freedoms'. Often they acheive these 'freedoms' by bypassing legitimate authority and the will of the people. Anyone who resists is ridiculed and suppressed, Eg. forced abortion and population control in 35 countries, mandatory abortion funding.
8) The Anti-life Mentality is Paranoid - Paranoia is defined as a `mental disorder characterised by systematised delusions and the projection of personal conflicts that are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others.` Anti-lifers use paranoia to reinforce their status as 'victims' and justify outrageous propaganda and violence against those who disagree with them, Eg. Radical homosexuals who label all opposition against them as 'hate crimes'; Pro-abortionists who claim millions of women died in backyard abortions; Population controllers who use global warming and animal extinction as scare tactics.
9) Pessimistic - Anti-lifers believe they are always under attack. Because they see themselves as eternal victims they are always trying to remake the world. They do not know how to deal with trials and suffering so they can never be truly content in this life.
10) Pathologically Dependent - Guilt and paranoia force anti-lifers to band together. They know they are doing wrong and need others to confirm them in their sin, and because they see themselves as victims, they need constant sympathy and support. For this reason, anti-life movements are very efficient 'enablers' for those who do not want to reform their lives.
11) The Anti-life Mentality cannot Reason - Anti-life literature and slogans focus on emotions, feelings and 'rights' rather than logic, reason and common sense. It uses various techniques to prevent authentic thought, Eg. Mystagoguery - the deliberate overcomplicating of the debate to hide the central issue; Newspeak - euphemisms to understate evil; Slogans - substituting nice words for thinking.
12) The Anti-life Mentality cannot stand Opposition - Anti-lifers cover up their sins and are enraged when they are opposed and exposed. They will always try to divert attention away from the central issues to tangential topics to camouflage the evil of their views and lifestyles. As Mahatma Gandhi said: `Man easily capitulates when sin is presented in the garb of beauty.`
How the 12 Characteristics are Related-
-Man's fallen natue leads to a turning away from God to Humanism
-God's perfect laws are rejected in favor of situational ethics, which is short sighted and selfish by its very nature
-The blindness of situational ethics leads to confusion about the nature of freedom and guilt caused by sin
-Anti-lifers must rely on coercion to eliminate the opposition that naturally arises
-This opposition makes the anti-lifer paranoid and pessimistic because he sees himself as an eternal victim
-Because his lifestyle is illogical, the anti-lifer loses the ability to defend it rationally.
Never Compromise with Evil-
Knowing these characteristics should tell us that if pro-lifers accept even `a little bit of evil` we have lost the war. To the anti-lifer, 'compromise' is just a refined form of waiting. So they demand the full loaf, accept half of it right away and then always come back for the second half. Remember, it is infinitely harder to 'contain' evil or take it back than it is to let it loose in the first place."

    Source: geocities.com/sydprolife