"Pro-abortion slogan #6: Abortion should be a decision between a woman and 
her doctor
Summary of the Pro-Life Response
(1) Clarification: Abortion is not health care. It is killing, pure and 
(2) Clarification: There is almost never any degree of consultation 
between the abortionist and the woman before the assembly line-type 
(3) Clarification: Abortion mills are in it for the money, not because 
they care.
Pro-abortionists using this slogan know that it implies that pro-lifers 
who oppose abortion are meddling in one of the most sacrosanct 
professional relationships: That of the doctor and his patient. In 
reality, more than 99 percent of all abortions are performed for 
non-medical reasons, despite the phony name 'therapeutic.'
Stand Aside, There's Money To Be Made! When a woman visits an abortion 
mill, the usual procedure is for a 'counselor' to talk with her in an 
attempt to steer her towards abortion, and then send her to the nurses who 
will prep her for the kill. As several former abortionists have described, 
the first time she sees the doctor is when she is lying on her back, 
half-naked, with her feet in the stirrups.
In truth, the abortionist has no reason to see the woman who has hired him 
to kill her child until he walks into the room. Mega-abortionist Edward 
Allred has boasted about his 'assembly line' abortion mills and has said 
that `We try to use the physician for his technical skill and reduce the 
one-to-one relationship with the patient. We usually see the patient for 
the first time on the operation table and then not again. More contact is 
just not efficient.`
What this multimillionaire abortionist means, of course, is that `More 
contact will lose me money.` Dr. Beverly McMillan, another reformed 
abortionist, speaks from experience when she describes how abortion mills 
are nothing more than money-makers for unscrupulous businessmen who cut 
every possible corner, including those in the area of patient safety.

Pro-abortion slogan #7: Pro-family, pro-child, pro-choice
Summary of the Pro-Life Response
(1) Refutation: If you are so 'pro-child', why do you support aborting 
(2) Parallelism: This is like saying `Pro-Jew, pro-Holocaust!`
'Pro-Child?' The 'pro-family/child/choice' slogan is so shaky that even 
uninformed members of the general public don't usually accept it. How can 
the 'pro-choice' philosophy also be 'pro-child'? - Especially when 
'pro-choice' means the extermination of at least 100,000 unborn children 
in Australia per year by surgical abortion alone?
`Pro-choice, pro-child' is analogous to the Nazi party proclaiming itself 
to be 'Pro-Juden', or the Ku Klux Klan claiming that it is 'pro-Black!' If 
a pro-lifer makes these comparisons during a debate, they will probably 
provoke outraged shrieks of protest from knee-jerkers, but they certainly 
will make the point. Pro-abortionists absolutely hate parallels with the 
Holocaust, because they are acutely aware of how accurate the comparison 
is. Don't back down, even in the face of a storm of faked pro-abortion 
'Pro-Family?' Give us a Break! The allegation that abortion is somehow 
healthy for the family is absurd. What does a husband feel when he wants a 
baby and knows that his wife is 'pro-choice' and can get an abortion 
without his consent or even his knowledge? According to a national poll in 
the USA, more than half of all fathers - including married men - are not 
even told that their child has been aborted. What does a child think when 
he knows that he exists in a 'pro-choice' family only because he was 
wanted by others - not because he had any intrinsic value at all? What do 
both parents think when they know that an abortionist can kill their 

Pro-abortion slogan #8: You are to naive to see that the world is 
Summary of the Pro-Life Response
(1) Clarification: Why do you think the world is overpopulated?
(2) Refutation: The world population will never again double. It will peak 
at about eight billion and then begin to decline.
(3) Clarification: Imagine for a moment that the world population was one 
billion instead of six billion. Would you support the 'right' to abortion 
Clarify first. Whenever a pro-abortionist makes the sweeping claim that 
that world is overpopulated, you must first get him to clarify what he 
means or ask him why he thinks the world is overpopulated. Don't settle 
for the tired old claim that 'everyone knows'. You must make him produce a 
theory or statistic to back up his claim.
The general principle to remember is this: Whenever pro-population control 
people or organizations use statistics to justify their claims regarding 
world overpopulation, their numbers are either exaggerations or outright 
A common allegation anti-lifers make is that `The population of the world 
doubles every 37 years.` By using this number, the anti-lifer hopes to 
frighten the audience into thinking that the current world population of 6 
billion will double to 12 billion by about the year 2040, double again to 
24 billion by about the year 2075, and so on. According to all Census 
Bureau and United Nations median and 'most probable' projections, the 
population of the world will never again double! This is an extremely 
critical point for you to make at every possible opportunity.
According to the latest United Nations projections, the maximum world 
population is expected to be about 9.4 billion, a number to be reached in 
the year 2050. A more likely figure is about 7.7 billion."

"Pro-abortion slogan #9: Right to life, that's a lie! You don't care if 
women die!
Summary of the Pro-Life Response.
(1) Refutation: The statement that `thousands of women died from 'backyard 
abortions'` is a bare-faced lie.
(2) Refutation: If pro-lifers don't care about women, why do we run most 
of the crisis pregnancy centres?
(3) Parallelism: [To the audience] Let's see who cares about women more. 
call up a pro-life crisis pregnancy centre and tell them you are 
unmarried, pregnant, and that your parents have thrown you out of the 
house. Ask for help with rent money, groceries and utilities. Tell them 
you need someone to talk to. Then call up an abortion clinic and ask them 
the same questions. You will see who really cares about women and who is 
just in it for the money.
Pro-abortionists who insist that thousands of women died annually of 
'backyard' abortions have absolutely no statistical backup for their 
claims. Consider the following quote by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the 
original founders of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion 
Laws, and the operator of the biggest abortion clinic in the USA for 
years; `How many deaths were we talking about when abortion was illegal? 
In NARAL, we always said '5000 to 10000 deaths a year.' I confess that I 
knew the figures were totally false, and I suppose the others did too if 
they stopped to think of it. But in the 'morality' of our revolution, it 
was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct 
it with honest statistics?`
The actual USA Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics on deaths 
caused by abortions, both legal and illegal, for those years immediately 
before and after Roe v. Wade in the USA are as follows:
1970: 90 deaths   1971: 83 deaths   1972: 90 deaths
1973: 57 deaths   1974: 54 deaths   1975: 49 deaths
Despite these statistics, pro-abortionists still insist upon using these 
apocalyptic numbers because they depend more on feelings that rationality. 
In many cases, your pro-abortion debating opponent will insist on painting 
gory word pictures of bloody butchers in the back alley. One way to refute 
this tactic and effectively show audiences how most abortions really took 
place is to read a quote by an actual illegal abortionist or by a woman 
who had a 'tourism abortion.'
Ruth Barnett, who had no medical training whatsoever and yet performed 
over 40000 illegal abortions in Portland, Oregon without a single 
fatality, said that `In the movies, they always depict the fallen woman 
sneaking up a dirty, rickety stairway to a dismal room - or making her 
way, furtively, into a dark alley that leads to a decrepit shack where 
some alcoholic doctor or untutored butcher performs the abortion. A clinic 
such as mine was not that way at all. It was a bright, cheerful place 
where women's problems were handled quickly, efficiently and with dignity, 
no matter what the circumstances of the patient.`
One Zero Population Growth (ZPG) writer describes a report from a young 
woman who she referred to an abortionist in Mexico City:
`Things were really good down in Mexico City. Everything happens so fast 
there is almost an aura of fantasy. The clinic (more like a mansion 
really) is very nice and comfortable. There were about seventeen women 
there in the morning I had the D&C done, plus some in the afternoon. They 
get you up right after and feed you fruit and drink and cookies right away 
- helps take your mind off the cramping. Some of us went sight-seeing that 
afternoon. Mexico City is nice, and I had no trouble at all with any facet 
of the journey or my stay there. You know, in a way it was almost fun.`"

    Source: geocities.com/sydprolife