"Pro-abortion slogan #24: Pro-lifers are violent fanatics. Look at all the clinic bombings!
There have been about 150 incidents of abortion clinic bombing and vandalism in the United States since 1980. Some of these buildings have been totally destroyed, and others merely defaced. But almost all the attacks were aimed at the buildings, not at people - and every bombing but two has taken place when the buildings were unoccupied. In Australia, there has never been a clinic bombing.
Furthermore in the USA, half of all abortion clinic bombings and most bomb threats have never been solved, and authorities consider many to be 'inside jobs'. For example, pro-abortion activist Frank Mandiola of Los Angeles was caught phoning in bomb threats to his own abortion mill and even to his own home.
When so-called 'pro-lifers' are convicted of violence against abortionists, they are commonly found to have no connection to established pro-life groups whom they consider to be weak, impotent or not serious minded. This was true of the Australian man recently convicted of killing a Melbourne abortion security guard.
On the Other Hand: Pro-Abortion Violence. More than 550 women have died from so-called 'safe and legal' abortion in the USA since 1973. In many cases, the abortionists simply walked away from women who were obviously dying of botched abortions. There are also more than 500 documented instances of pro-abortionists physically assaulting pro-lifers. They have run pro-lifers down with their cars; beaten them with baseball bats; threatened them with guns; punched, kicked, hosed and spat on them! More than a thousand incidents of extreme pro-abortion violence are shown on the map and listed in a detailed document in the RST Directory on the Pro-life Library Compact Disc.
Finally, however, pro-lifers must relentlessly bring the focus back to the real violence that is taking place inside the abortion clinics every day - abortions using prostaglandin, salt-poisoning, or D&E abortion, which burn, decapitate, and dismember babies and seriously endanger women.

Pro-abortion slogan #25: You're a man! You have absolutely no right to speak out against abortion because you can't get pregnant.
Summary of the Pro-Life Response.
(1) Clarification: You're making the sexist allegation that truth depends on gender?
(2) Parallelism: Are you capable of having children? [If the pro-abort is an older woman, or one who has been neutered, what gives her the right to speak?]
(3) Parallelism: Are you saying that people not involved in an issue are not allowed to speak out on it?
Pro-abortion women use this handy, all-purpose slogan in their feeble attempts to intimidate men. They use the same logic to try to muzzle pro-life churches, saying they cannot speak out against abortion because that would violate the so-called 'separation of church and state'. We must insist that the validity and truth of an argument has nothing whatsoever to do with a person's gender, age, race, or any other variable. If a statement is true, then it is true - no matter who is saying it!
There are plenty of men speaking out for abortion. They can't get pregnant either, so why aren't the pro-abortionists telling them to mind their own business? If the pro-abortionists want to be consistent, only those persons of either sex who are fertile and not on any kind of birth control should be able to speak out either for or against abortion. But it is generally futile to expect pro-abortionists to be consistent.
Using pro-abortion logic, only ethnic people can speak out against racism because only they are adversely affected by it. Only people on death row, and their immediate relatives, can speak about capital punishment, because only they are directly affected by the death penalty.
Pro-lifers might quote Mike Royko, who in his classic style said `True, a man doesn't know what it is like to bear a child. On the other hand, I don't know of any woman who knows what it feels like to have a hole poked in the base of her skull and her brains sucked out, although some talk as if they may have experienced it.`"

    Source: geocities.com/sydprolife