"Pro-abortion slogan #4: Don't foist your morality off on me!
Summary of the Pro-Life Response
(1) Clarification: Of course I'm trying to foist my morality off on you! Isn't that the purpose of all debate - to convince others of the validity of one's views?
(2) Parallelism: Aren't you trying to do the same thing, right here, right now, by defending the 'pro-choice' position?
(3) Clarification: What do you mean by that? Don't you really object to my mere presence here, defending the pro-life position?
Pro-lifers should not be offended by this slogan. Is this not the purpose of all activism, debate and public discourse - to convince others of the morality and correctness of one's views? If a pro-lifer is trying to foist his morality off on others, his pro-abortion debating opponent is equally guilty of thrying to foist his [im]morality off on the pro-lifer!
This slogan is a scaled down variant of slogan #3 ('You can't legislate morality!'). The difference is that the pro-abortionist is addressing an individual pro-lifer personally here, instead of criticising pro-lifers or Christians in general.
Of course, a pro-abortionist who uses this slogan is not really objecting to pro-lifers trying to 'foist ther morality' off on him, because that would imply some sort of coercion on the part of pro-lifers or cooperation on the part of the pro-abort, neither of which is likely to happen. What the pro-abortionist is really saying is that he objects to the pro-lifer's mere presence and his audacity in taking a stand for life. Nothing would please pro-abortionists more than to have to pro-life viewpoint outlawed entirely. When a pro-abortionist uses this slogan, he is basically telling pro-lifers to 'shut up!' As William Barclay has said, `There is nothing that the world would like so much as a silent Church.`
If a pro-abortionist uses this 'last resort' slogan, the pro-lifer can be assured that he is winning the debate.
Pro-abortion slogan #5: Who will decide - you or the State? These people have no right to tell you what you do in your bedrooms!
Summary of the Pro-Life Response
(1) Parallelism: Gee, maybe we should all demand that the State 'butt out' of other private moral issues - say, rape and wife-beating.
(2) Refutation: Sorry, but last time I checked, abortions don't take place in bedrooms - unless you're one of these scary feminists who like 'do-it-yourself' baby-killing.
'Who decides' is an absolutely classic slogan. It is subtle and persuasive to the uninformed person, because it makes the listener think along lines totally unrelated to abortion. Pro-abortionists often should a related slogan outside abortion mills: `Not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate!` This is mere mindless chant, not intended to be answered.
The pro-abortionist who uses the 'Who decides?' slogan is trying to paint a picture in his listener's minds: A picture of an oppressive government and Big Brother supervising all bedroom activities - in other words, a blatant and widespread invasion of privacy.
The pro-lifer must use the principle of parallelism to debunk this slogan. He may begin by stating that the government has a legitimate interest in some activities. Spousal abuse is one example. A wife batterers' union could use the slogan 'Who decides?' just as logically as the pro-aborts. In fact, organised pedophile organisations like the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) use precisely the same slogan as they lobby to have the age of consent for sexual activities lowered to four years!
The Central Issue: Murder! Every government that has ever existed has had an interest in protecting its citizens - even its unborn citizens. Therefore, governments must intercede to legislate against murder. This is not an unwarranted invasion of the murderer's privacy - it is simple good sense."

    Source: geocities.com/sydprolife