"Pro-abortion slogan #20: Abortion should be safe, legal and rare. I'm personally opposed to abortion.
Sometimes, pro-abortionists will use the 'safe, legal and rare' slogan popularised by the Abortion President, Bill Clinton. Whenever a pro-abortionist insists upon using this slogan, we should ask him: If abortion is such a good thing, why should it be rare? If it has no physical or psychological ill effects, why should it be rare? And if it is supposed to be rare, what have you done to make it rare?
A pro-lifer may have the great good fortune to encounter a pro-abortion politician who trots out the tired old self-excuse, `I'm personally opposed to abortion, but I don't want to impose my morality on other people.` This is a variant on the `abortion should be safe, legal and rare` slogan. The pro-lifer can quickly put him in an impossible jam by asking the simple and direct question `Why do you personally oppose abortion?` This slogan makes no sense because it disconnects actions from attitudes. 
Why should someone who is opposed to abortion vote for it or support it in any way? If someone uses this slogan, ask him what other activities he 'personally opposes' while simultaneously supporting, and you will quickly expose the illogic of this position.
Does he 'personally oppose' racism while refusing to speak out about it? 
Does he 'personally oppose' the beating up of homosexuals, yet says or does nothing about it? Of course he is going to speak out against racism, and 'gay-bashing'! If he 'personally opposes' abortion, why does he not speak out against abortion?
With the 'personally opposed' slogan, pro-abortion people hope to do two
things: (1) To portray themselves as principled while straddling the fence, and (2) To influence the more timid people with pro-life leanings to stay uninvolved by setting an example of 'tolerance' and 'nonjudgmentalism'.

Pro-abortion slogan #21: If you're against abortion, don't have one!
Summary of the Pro-Life Response.
(1) Parallelism: What about this: If you're against war, don't go to war! 
If you're against child molestation, don't molest kids!
(2) Clarification: What you're trying to say is that, if a person is against a practice he believes is criminal or sinful or harmful, he has no right to oppose it. His only option is to stand aside and watch it happen. 
Do you follow this philosophy in your personal life? If you do, then you are an irresponsible coward and a rotten citizen, without a shred of altruism.
As with many other thoughtless pro-abortion slogans, you can use the powerful weapon of parallelism to destroy this one. All you ahve to do is apply the pro-abortionist's logic to any liberal cuase in order to demonstrate how profoundly stupid, illogical and unjust it really is. For
example: If you're against war, don't be a soldier. You have no right to oppose war in any other way; If you're against fur coats, don't wear one. 
You have no right to oppose fur coats in any other way; If you're against racism, don't be a racist; If you're against captial punishment, then don't be an executioner.
It is the God-given right of every human being to stand up against what he perceives to be evil or immoral. Do not let the anti-lifers hoodwink you into giving up this right. What kind of person would be against an activity he deemed evil and yet did nothing to stop it? A coward! And that's exactly what the pro-abortionists want us to be - cowards!"

"Pro-abortion slogan #22: Birth control would prevent abortion, but you're
against it!
Summary of the Pro-Life Response.
(1) Clarification: Many leading pro-abortionists have acknowledged that
contraception leads to more abortions. If contraception is so efficient at
preventing pregnancy, why does the abortion rate keep going up?
(2) Clarification: Abortion is being used as back-up birth control by many
(3) Clarification: Most so-called 'contraceptives', including all birth
control pills, Depo-Provera, intrauterine devices (IUDs) and Norplant, are
Contraception inevitably leads to abortion. Why does this happen? At first
glance, it would seem that women would experience fewer pregnancies if
they were on contraception. However, the opposite is true, and
pro-abortion groups even admit it. Women who use contraception are much
more likely to get abortions since contraceptive methods are nowhere near
as reliable as their manufacturers claim. In fact, 48% of all women who
currently obtain abortions were using contraception when they conceived!
The abortionists themselves admit this. Dr. Malcolm Potts, former Medical
Director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, said that `As
people turn to contraception, there will be a rise, not a fall, in the
abortion rate.`
Many pro-lifers also oppose the use of the oral contraceptives (OCs),
intrauterine devices (IUDs), Norplant, Depo-Provera, and the so-called
'emergency contraceptive' or 'morning-after pill' (MAP), because they are
abortifacients (ie. they cause early chemical abortion); and because
thousands of women have died due to the side effects of artificial
For background information on the many intimate connections between
contraception and abortion, see Chapter 2 of 'The Facts of Life'.

Pro-abortion slogan #23: Anti-choice fanatics hate their own sexuality.
They are members of an extreme anti-sexual movement.
Summary of the Pro-Life Response.
(1) Clarification: What do you mean by that?
(2) Refutation: The person who strives to destroy an integral part of
their sexuality (fertility) is the one who really hates his/her sexuality.
(3) Refutation: Pro-lifers have an average of 3 or 4 chldren, and
pro-abortionists only have one or two, if any, Who hates their sexuality?
Excuse Me? This is a particularly comical statement, originating as it
does from people who do everything imaginable to destroy their own
sexuality. They desperately fight to pervert and crush the natural product
of their own sexuality - fertility. They pop pills, insert wires into
their uteri, use 'rubber goods', jams and jellies - and when all of this
junk fails, they kill the child they are carrying.
This slogan is a classic example of pro-abortion psychological projection,
and is easy to expose. To begin with, the pro-lifer should ask his
opponent to clarify exactly what he means by this vague statement. This
will encourage the pro-abortionist to make even more extreme statements.
It is interesting to note that a comprehensive survey by sociologists at
the University of Missouri showed that couples who consider themselves
'pro-life' have an average of 3.4 children, while those who consider
themselves 'pro-choice' have an average of just 1.3 children. If, despite
their best efforts, pro-lifers do not win the abortion battle in the
courts or legislatures, all they will have to do is work and wait - in a
couple of generations, they will simply outnumber the anti-lifers by a
huge margin. In a demographic battle between the DINKS (Double Income, No
Kids) and the SILKS (Single Income, Lots of Kids), there can only be one
winner. Pro-abortionists get very nervous indeed when you point this fact
out to them."

    Source: geocities.com/sydprolife