Of Mice and Men, a daydream

Hong Seo-Young

The stablebuck invites Lennie to sit with him in the barn.
Despite his unfriendliness,
Lennie happily attempts to make friends with him.
Finding out that Lennie is really stupid,
Crooks the stablebuck babbles on abouthis inner feelings.
He first talks of his bitter resentment towards the white people.
Then he becomes pleased
that Lennie is so stupid he would forget everything he has said
and would understand nothing at all.
So he becomes cruel, torturing Lennie with words that frighten him the most..
'Suppose George doesn't come back at all.'

So many sad emotions were gathering in my mind.
It was like a thick,
warm but strangling atmosphere.
I could feel myself inside the stablebuck,
and then inside the stupid Lennie.
I could feel unspoken loneliness and grief pouring out at last,
and I could feel dumb love and numb feelings mingling inside me.
Sometimes too many feelings tire me,
and I had to close my eyes and
straighten up my thoughts for a while.
One thing
that definitely came to my mind was something that my Korean teacher once said about two years ago;
every book is about love.

Why I can never forget these words I really don't know,
but everytime it comes to me as a more profound,
defiant meaning in life.

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