Greatest Moments of Men

Destiny N. Hong

Human beings make mistkes, but they also have great moments.
One of those great moments, in my opinion, was when Doctor A.Schweizer
determined to go to Africa in order to help black people. All of the
mistakes made by mankind had been owing to greed, lust, avarice
and pride; if men lived on these seemingly natural and instinctive
vices, this world will break into pieces. However, great men cover up the
mistakes of others by being benevolent, truthful, and forgiving; these
men are what hold this world together yet; A. Schweizer was one of these
great men.

When Doctor Schweizer decided to open a hospital in Africa, many of his close
friends tried to dissuade him. They told him, and he knew too, that at
that time of 20th century, almost all of the countries were at war;
everybody strived to be on top of the rest. people killed and slandered others
to survive, and weaker people died out in incredible numbers everyday.

If the world at that time was the result of our shameful accumulations of
mistakes, what Schweizer did was one of the great moments that leaves hope in
our hearts; his deed asked for forgiveness and showed love. In the midst
of all the sinful mistakes, the moment of his decision stood out as
beautiful and truly humane pardon. He refused his own comfort and luxury
in order to help others.

Therefore, one of the great moments in history, to me, is the time nearly a
century ago; when Schweizer decided to forbear his life of low happiness,
and devote himself in helping the diseased Africans who were
mostly devastated by the greedy Europeans' wars.

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