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A problem for law students:
The Poor Toad"
First lets get it straight about this case. This must be viewed as a real situation.
Lawyers I must ask you to look at this indictment not as, did it fall into these certain parameters or another but as, a case of where fair dealing being satisfied is the main issue. Then be absolutely sure that there must be has to be, legal ways for evenhandedness too come about. Then extend your intelligence or resources in that way you must, as to see that there is some way that righteousness may be done. Justice is the desirable end for the greater good, have no doubt.

Here is the report
These facts are not fantasy, April fools or any other form of permissible or impermissible exaggeration or bending of particulars.

Work History
Preview this first
The Toad delivered newspapers, in Crown Heights Brooklyn, from the first year it was permitted for at least two years of school years.
We have no sources that can recall exactly how long it was but there were two newspapers he delivered as the delivery service he worked for changed contracts, the second or third year there.

His mother a refugee from Nazi Concentration Camps had a tendency to loose control and nearly killed him at the age of six so he decided to stay out of her hair as much as possible.

After being a Cub Scout from the age of 7 at the age of 11 he became a Boy Scout.

At the age of 11 it was the only permitted employment, in Brooklyn N.Y., in 1957.
He quit working as a newspaper delivery boy after the German made 28 inch bike his father had bought him was stolen and it would require of search of Police records to ascertain an exact date but it is assumable that can be obtained. An older taller dark fellow threw him from the bike as he rode it likely of another community.
Climbing so many stairs in walk up apartment houses he appreciated stretching when he rode his bike.
Summer vacations he would work as an assistant Bus Boy at the hotels his family stayed at.
At the age of thirteen he already had a cooking Merit Badge from the Boy Scouts where he was a First Class Scout and Senior Patrol Leader.
The summer vacation of the year he was only thirteen years old he worked every day as an apprentice luncheonette proprietor, in a little lunch place on Thirteenth Street in Far Rockaway. He mopped floors prepared foods, sodas, and ice cream or malted service and worked the register.
He was not on any employment books and received no wages as to do so would be illegal under the employment regulations locally at the time. As an apprentice he got free cigs, (selling for 35 cents a pack at the time) and food as pay as well as tips for also working the lunch counter.
The next school year his eighth term in school, after school, he worked every day as an apprentice lunch counter person at the Donette shop across the street from his home in Brooklyn.
Again his pay was cigs (perhaps now selling as much as 35 - 50 cents a pack), left over Pizza, Ice Cream for the family, left over donuts and tips for his counter work. He also cleaned the establishment, prepared burgers salads sodas Ice creams Pizzas etc and worked the register.
When he was admitted to Stuyvesant an exclusive all Boys High School for Science in Manhattan, he felt proud. He did not heed the warning of his friend David from his elementary school whose father owned a cleaning store, for fine garments, where David worked and who also worked at Seltzers, the fancy candy store across the street from the lunch counter where The Toad worked at.
The Toad thought David was jealous.
David said look what you have here how can you give that up.
(continued in blue area)
Master B Toad pages
My Info:
Uncle Sy Katus
Torture Anyone?
The Question is whether we except the Machiavellian principles of government.
Does a government rule by making the subjects fear the arms of the law and order as Machiavellians proclaim or does a ruling authority preserve the general good by being loved by all the people all the time.
America was a system built on rule by popularity. It was defined as reaction to Machiavellian terrors that the state would use to terrorize subjects into obedience, in Europe for so many years
Some one said the greatest problem in life is the abusive parent syndrome.
This as we know is when a parent teaches a child by using pain and torment to enforce what he believes is proper for the child or charge as it were.
If we see those who have transgressed as weak, in their miss-direction, in their resultant position of esteem, then we can feel sorry for them, even empathize. We might recall our own weakness that might have at one time left us more vulnerable to potential harm, tossed about as we all are by life’s eddies.
Machiavellian Vs What?
Do we go on building a world indebted to the committing of little sins, (causing needless suffering and untimely death), in order to prevent what we believe to be bigger sins?
Shall we try to live without sin strong and secure in grace, doing well for life when the strength is with us?
Who can say life is better than death?
That is the big question you get to when you feel like you’re about to die.
They aren't, we are, isn't that what professions are all about.
So there we are with the big question and while we are still alive, we are left, without the answer.
I propose to be living my life with honor and then I’ll let death worry about itself.
I am the King of Soirée.
I hold the world in my hands every day.
They laugh when I tell them,
But they all know it’s true,
Yes, I am the King of Soirée.
-B. Toad
(The Poor Toad - Continued)
The Toad then also studied electronics for a FCC license with a local friend. It was to be his next merit badge if he earned it and it would likely be awarded as a volunteer assistant scoutmaster rather than as a member of an Explorer Post, as there was none there. He was friendly with brothers of the most exclusive High School Fraternity in his local School. He was a soda jerk, burger guy. He was living the American Dream.
This special school, he was promised by his schools instructors no doubt, was supposed to be worth the sacrifice it entailed and he was instructed to believed that it would be, in the end, for the greater good. This was what the Toad believed.

Every school day the Toad had to wake early and take the Subway to go to High School. This took up allot of extra time and was at great expense to his social existence as his school chums went home to different boroughs of the City and the social life in the neighborhood was exclusive High School Clubs that excluded other Schools.

Not much is recalled about what employment the Toad engaged in off the books, until a position in his junior year that he obtained from the Stuyvesant Job office,

The job was in Manhattan near the High School. The employers, two Arabs, refused to put the Toad on the books but he worked as a stock person and sales assistant in a lingerie store off the books at 3 dollars an hour selling girdles panties hose nigh ties and other such ladies apparel.

The Xmas of 1963 he was an usher at the Murray Kaufman Rock and Roll Show at the Manhattan Academy of Music on 14th Street near his high school that has since moved to a lower section of Manhattan. This was again a 3 dollars per hour job.

The last term of his Senior Year he worked as an office assistant for Teen Life Magazine. This job he obtained when a fellow student at Stuyvesant, who had the job, had a falling out with his girl friend, a Hunter High School student named Judy Beck. Judy’s mother was the Editor of Real Confessions an associate magazine at Sterling Publications that paid him out of the horoscope magazine budget. This was also a 3 dollars an hour job.
This, what follows, is of course his most noteworthy accomplishment.
He was a consultant for an inventor friend while at Stuyvesant whose inventions are without much doubt in every home on the planet. He never received compensation for those consultations.
We wont mention these inventions, (but will say for his involvement he has been called an alien from another world, by supposed government authorities, on major TV networks also), but at a penny per item the Toad would be a very wealthy Toad indeed.

We don’t recall where he worked that Summer and there are many empty spots where the Toads memory failed due to shock treatments he received in the summer of 1969. It is possible his work history is more extensive then indicated here.

In college at Hunter College in Manhattan, with a municipal scholarship and a Regents (then awarded for academic accomplishment rather than what it is awarded for now, being the son of a policeman I believe), on 68th Street Manhattan he worked as a stage technician. He worked for 3 dollars per hour, weekends in the concert Bureau where commercial shows were produced on the weekends in the school main theatre when it was not used for school productions. He also volunteered his work for the Theatre department. He was required naturally to subway in to Mid Manhattan from Brooklyn, as he had to do to lower Manhattan for High School.

He had learned the stagecraft in the Theatre Club at Stuyvesant H.S.

The first summer after his first college year he worked as an assistant teacher at the Lexington school for the deaf again at 3 dollars per hour.
He also was awarded a theatre of his own that summer for his work in the field the year before and produced at his own expense the Experimental Theatre Workshop that summer.
The next term he also worked for the School Concert Bureau. It was at the beginning of the third term when as he now was living in shared residence on E 98th St. Manhattan with other students instead of in Brooklyn with his parents he took another job to meet increased expenses.
It was on this union job AFL-CIO local 1 stagehands union on the third day when a heavy twelve light became loose on one end and fell upon him missing his head by an inch and injuring his collarbone.
He never collected compensation for this. He was so disabled he could not carry school book or was able to engage in active employment. He feared the accident was intentional too, so he did not press for compensations fearing reprisals.
He had broken with his affianced, his first steady lover, betrothed, of two full years together, before moving to Manhattan, who had told him such a thing, could happen to anyone, if that person did her family wrong. She said the CIA protected her family because her father invented Radar.
Though it was her unfaithfulness and not his, her idea to break up not his, the accident was exactly as he had been threatened it might be, if he were false to her.
He spiraled down into minor drug addictions to quell the pain and fear.
He dropped out of school and work, after the accident, never again able to achieve even something like his intended personal life again.

The summer of 1966 the Toad was living with one of his room mates of 98th Street who had put him up at a lower east side apartment during the Toad’s early disabled times in the spring of that year.
They lived this summer in a cottage in the Catskill Mountains they rented from a friend of the Toad’s family from many years who knew the Toad well as the family had spent many summers at this summer cottage area.

They worked as milkmen in a local dairy. As the Toad had been so occupied with schoolwork he had no time to get a driver’s license but only had a learner’s permit his friend drove the truck or had to be present when he drove.

His roommate had a cold one-day so the Toad drove the roommate’s car into work and was fired without an explanation.

On the way home, a person pulled out of one of the resort driveways and stopped in the middle, not over to the side, of the country road. The Toad believes this lady, who he never met and would only see for a few minutes that day, to have been a government employee, (perhaps a social security worker or employed for some such agency), judging, (after years of government assistance and federal assistance workers), by experience.

The Toad, having witnessed her pulling out, suddenly realized she was stopped. He had to then slam on his breaks, (going at a decent clip down the road he had first learned to drive on, as a child). He did manage to avoid hitting that car, stopped in front of him, on the road, though he totaled his own, his good friend’s, engine block, on a concrete block, at the side of the road, there and then.

In the original plot, described by his former fiancee, when she threatened against any evil being done to her, they, the CIA, planned on a whip lash suit, against the moving driver, being the Toad here.

That cost of the accident was the $500 cost of the used auto recently purchased by the friend for them to share.
There was no report filed, as they were the only ones who lost out. The Toad filed no complaint as he naturally was going somewhat fast, judging by the length of the skid marks and only had a permit, not a license and should not have been driving without a licensed driver, in the car.

Returning to Manhattan, after that summer, the Toad found residence with two female student nurses, from his college and planned to return to university, in the spring term. One of these females, was his main squeeze.
He went to register, for College, on a very beautiful spring like winter day. After registering he was offered a ride home, on a motor scooter, by a midtown Manhattan store manager, who was gay, but married and faithful to his lover.
They had met in classes, at the university and in the cafeteria, a few times before.
The day was so sunny, the Toad was on such a nice trip, the air was so crisp and refreshing, the Toad excepted the ride in the open air rather than taking the underground subway ride.
The scooter headed toward Twenty-Third on Park Ave South where the gay fellow planned to turn left to bring the Toad back up to East Twenty Eighth Street where the Toad lived.
As the scooter entered the inter section with the light on the left there was a car making a left turn from a north lane in the right lane instead of the left. That car ran right into the scooter as it entered the intersection.
The Toad was thrown in the air the entire distance of the many lanes of Twenty-Third Street at Park Ave South. The other fellow, the scooter driver, was pinned under the car.
The driver of the car that hit them according to the Toad’s Lawyer was an Army Captain.
Landing after his trip through the air using a stage fall technique he held reported damages to himself down to a compound fracture of the tibia and some broken ribs.
The lawyer said his piece in front of the other room mates the Toad lived with who had taken him in when his mother kicked him out for using cannabis as medication, long before it was first made legal medication, in California.
He did not return to living with the females that he had been living with because he feared for their safety and possibly his own if he did. Instead a friend of a Stuyvesant H.S. schoolmate put him, in his leg cast, up, for the term of it’s holding up the Toads progress in life.
He spoke to his lawyer about how the accidents were like the threats and recalled that his working records were to be removed also in the threat so he asked after them. The lawyer said they were all there including the newspaper delivery.
The Toad still had the realized threats made against him to consider.
The lawyer felt tying the accidents together reduced the possibility for a better settlement on the broken leg so he never pursued the missing compensation from the AFL-CIO or the attempted manslaughter charges.

It wasn’t till The Toad was being reinstated on Welfare in 1970 or 1971 when he got to see his working records. The Toad had been put on welfare for the first time in 1969. He had lived running errands for friends until that time, when he was receiving shock treatments for a supposed psychosis he suffered from.
When the Toad realized his working records were much depleted he notified the worker. One of the workers at the next table was the mother of his kid brothers friend, whose name he easily recalled.
He then consulted a lawyer who had gotten him out of a situation. The lawyer suggested The Toad not mention the missing records again because he feared for the Toad’s safety, knowing he had been hospitalized and just received shock treatments recently.

The settlement for the leg came in late in 1971 while the Toad was incarcerated on false kidnapping and rape charges being defended by the law partner of the lawyer on the leg case who got the Toad 6 months in prison on a robbery charge instead.
He had been a vegetarian previous to this time. He was force fed meat. He was severely physically a mentally abused otherwise also during this imprisonment.
The case brought in only $7,500 for the Toad’s father, as the Toad had been less than 21 when the accident occurred.

In and out of therapy, with or without psychiatrists, going to school or working, receiving subsidy for disability or not, he continued through the years. He said nothing about the attempts on his life or the injustice till he felt the actions he used, cursing and doing minor terrorist acts, grew to such a point he again and again recommended himself to a mental institution. Some time after he abandoned suicide as a means of escape he started bringing up the attempts by the CIA on his life in letters to the President then Ronald Regan also a theatre person and the FBI. The Toad requested 44 million dollars as a fair compensation.
The FBI wrote back to write legal aid. The legal Aid never wrote back. His parents who finally were assisting him refused help unless he would move from his Flatbush N.Y. life.

He was in San Diego when he wrote a threatening letter to the Washington Post. He threatened the walls in Chicago would fall down LA would burn to the ground and there would be a political assassination in Virginia if he did not receive adequate reply to his enquiry over the attempts upon his life and the unfairness he suffered.
He said, he was only cursing, and thought it sounded feasible. He believed he would get some action on his enquiry this way.
He was arrested for treason by the Secret Service. He was soon let loose because, as they said, his complaints were real.
They said it wasn’t their department so they hadn’t replied to him and they knew his story was an actual one and not a fabricated story.
The Secret Service told him that those accidents wasn’t the governments doing, (like a local school musician friend of 16 or 17 years of age in high school years warned him, saying rich entrepreneurs had something against his lawyer, before Toad met his first betrothed). They said a Media company had done these terrible things to him.
They never would say what company, when the Toad got around to asking.
They always said things like; too busy, we have an election coming up, etc.

After they got him to promise not to curse the President or the Government people again, on the day they arrested him they let him go. He would be arrested again if he started that up once more.
The Secret Service agent had said the Toad was actually entitled to more compensation, than he was receiving. These Justice Department Agents he saw then said, get a lawyer and you‘ll get more compensation that‘s due to you.
When the Toad saw the lawyer, he got asked if he had told the SSI about the missing records within three years of getting compensation. The Toad said no, (as the SSI only started in 1972 during his silent period and his memory failed to recall if he had). The lawyer hearing the Toad’s answer said he wouldn’t be able to get the Toad any additional compensation.

So lawyer’s, judges and/or other persons, interested in the cause of fair dealing, what can be done for the poor disadvantaged Toad? How much does this, hard working, employee, striving, from the times of his youth, in the ways of the just and worthy, being hereto so set upon by the privileged and moneyed class, deserve in compensation? How much of a wage is he paid for the crippling attempts upon his life? How much is he given for the lost compensations through the years and the resulting inequity of so many long painful years of suffering in this disabled, heartlessly crippled existence, he has forced himself to endure?
The Toad says it is more than 3 billion US dollars he is owed in 2004, just in damages with interest.
Who owes the money? How does the Toad go about getting it?

Is the there another piper, calling in the wings?

Send in you answer please.
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