MC Lyte has been the fiercest female rapper since she started! Few females have come close to her skills, and none can touch her. Lyte walks the fine line between hardcore and pop with positive messages, an AIDS awareness campaign, and the cutest smile in the business. Her style let people know early on that females do not have to walk around skimpily clad to sell mad recods. MC Lyte has a unique style and keeps it real. She has lyrics you can relate to. Her style is always fresh, from Lyte As A Rock on up to her most recent Underground Heat. She gets mad respect from me. I hope she is stays on the music scene for a long time to come.
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As with most web pages, this is a work in progress, be patient, I am steadily adding lyrics, and pictures. Make sure you bookmark this page so that you can come back and see the finished product.

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Lyte As A Rock

Eyes On This

Act Like You Know

Aint No Other

Bad As I Wanna Be

Seven & Seven

C'mon - Featuring Billy Lawrence



Self Destruction

Can't Hang

Woo Woo

Keep It Moving Wild West SoundTrack

Who Am I

Fighting Temptations

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