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Hi my name is GraffitiWelcome to Mystic Breeze KennelsThis is Manly a Dogz site but we do have a couple of cat resendents and if you have no clue what Petz 4 is i suggest you visit Petz 4 website. we just started so we still need to work on some things.But feel free to look around.If one of the Links is not working please e-mail our owner.This site may not be the best, but we can try our luck:)Please sign the guest book too:)You can also visit our other site Tamsin Haven
This is my Christmas Gelert(painted) Scruffy_Dog711
This is my Kau WHite_fang1151,He has a wife
This My lupess I3ella, she  is the daughter of Flameless
This is My Lupe, FlamelessStorm.He also has a Wife
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ShowName:MOM/DJR's American Dollar
About Nickel:Nickel is the newest member of my dogz family. I entered a competition
at MOM, where u had to guess the breed of one of her dogz (Plum) and she
hexed a dog for you. I chose for her to hex a wolf for me in beige,
white and brown, and Nickel was the result. Although he is sonew, I have
already been showing him, and just today some shows have been judged and
he has won some awards. He is sooooo cute. I haven't found him a mate
yet, but I am on the look out, so I am sure that in the future he will
have some cute lil pups.