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Sylvie - cuissardes et robe Bill Blass Automne Hiver 2003 2004


Sylvie - cuissardes et robe Bill Blass Automne Hiver 2003 2004 - Bill Blass Thigh high bootsWe can't say how absolutely devastated we are that Bill Blass designer Lars Nilsson has been unceremoniously fired from the label after six seasons. We adore Lars and love what he's done with Blass. Frankly, we love it more that what Blass himself did for Blass. But whatever the case, it's a tough world and with years of therapy and a new job someplace for Lars, we'll get over it. Eventually. This season, ironically, had more Blass classic touches and less of Lars' Scandinavian flourishes. We loved the former. Lars' signature touches also wowed all the other press we know, as well as old Blass stalwarts like Blaine Trump and new Blass lovers like Marina Rust and Jennifer Creel. We're so bitter!

Right & Left pictures : Sylvie by Bill Blass - Fall 2003

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In 1999, the Fashion Center BID brought together a distinguished group of fashion editors, retailers, historians and museum curators to create the Fashion Walk of Fame, the first and only permanent landmark that pays tribute to American fashion. The fashion industry had long discussed such an idea, but it took FCBID leadership to bring this important project to life.

Over three years, from 1999 to 2002, the Fashion Walk of Fame Selections Committee met to develop annual lists of nominees. Criteria for nominations were American designers who:

  • have had a clear and significant New York presence;

  • owned their own businesses for at least 10 years; and

  • were moving forces in the fashion industry, having made a powerful impact on fashion through either innovative design or the use of materials, or significantly influenced the way America dresses.

Each year, the names of several dozen nominees were included on ballots that were distributed to a group of 150 industry leaders, who cast their votes to determine eight designers who would be inducted each year. Over the course of the three year project, 24 designers received this honor, 12 of them posthumously.

Each recipient was honored with a commemorative plaque that has been embedded into the sidewalk down Seventh "Fashion" Avenue, in the heart of America's Fashion District. Each plaque is 2 1/2 feet in diameter, made of white bronze set in granite, and contains an original fashion sketch and signature of the designer, as well as text describing his/her contribution to fashion.

Each summer, the Fashion Center BID hosted a star-studded Induction Ceremony during which the plaques were unveiled and the Fashion District community paid tribute to the designer honorees.

The Fashion Walk of Fame spans the East side of Seventh "Fashion" Avenue, from 41st Street to 35th Street. The Fashion Center BID invites you to stroll the Fashion Walk of Fame and learn more about the individuals who put American fashion and Seventh Avenue on the map!