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    Organization at Home

   1.  When you're heading out the door, you are most likely 5 minutes late because,

            a) your dog threw up, and you had to clean it up.

            b) you couldn't decide what to wear

            c) you couldn't find anything you needed to take with you


2.    How do you do your work throughout the day?

            a) you plan everything ahead of time and prioritize

            b) your only planning is planning what to wear

            c) you just dig in wherever you can- just to get something done.


3.    How do you feel about having people in your home or room?

            a) I feel fine with anyone in my house.  There is no mess anywhere.

            b) I let them go just about anywhere, but I warn them not to open any closets, cupboards,

                or drawers for fear of nail polish or fashion explosions.


4.    What does your bedroom closet look like?

            a) The usual, I give everything it's own place and it's always there when I'm not using it.

            b) I have everything in order from "best-looking in", to "worst-looking in". My accessories are all over the place.

            c) I don't dare open it!  There could be an avalanche!!

5.     Where would you find a pair of scissors in your home?

            a) In the drawer with the stapler

            b) What!  I don't use scissors, I go to the best salon to get my hair done and I never do crafts

            c) There's about 7 pairs around here, but I usually go buy a new pair every time I need a pair.


6.    How much in your closet is worn regularly?

            a) Most of it.  Some gets worn to work, and the rest is my lounging at home clothes.

            b) I only wear the clothes that are in style, the rest gets shoved in the back.  Every year I donate my old clothes.

            c) I don't use the closet, everything is in heaps on the floor.


7.    When do you have time to yourself?

            a) I get up early and do something I enjoy.

            b) Every Saturday is Shopping!!

            c) You must be joking!  Free time?!


8.    How do you feel when in your house?

            a) Happy to be home

            b) Like I should go on a decorating shopping spree.

            c) Like moving.


    Organization at Work

9.    How often are you interrupted at work?

            a) Hardly ever.  I don't let people bother me when I have work to do.

            b) Fairly often.  People always need fashion advice.

            c) All the time.  I'm constantly answering phone calls and people's yells.


10.    What does your "in-basket" look like?

            a) Pretty neat.  Everything's well organized

            b) It's neat, but there is no work related things, it's all style questions from co-workers

            c) Totally out of control!!!


11.    How do you plan your workday?

            a) I make a "to-do" list as soon as I get to work

            b) Well, I usually re-do my make-up at 10:00 am, then at noon I eat my body wise lunch, I re-do my make-up yet again at 2:00, after I change into a new outfit.  Before I leave work, I change my...

            c) By seeing what lands on my desk first.


12.    What time does your work day end?

            a) 4:00 sharp

            b) Whenever people are done getting ready for their evenings out

            c) It feels like never!



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