Tips + Ideas



* categorize things

*give everything it's own specific area in your home.

* don't leave other stuff in an area you are trying to keep clean

* if you do have other loose papers and things, keep them in a box or folder so they don't have to be seen.  Do the same with small objects that don't have a proper place.

* to make things look neat use the same hardware - for example, use the same kinds of hangers for certain types of clothing to give your closet a neater looking feel.

* put messy areas of your house or room behind a curtain or in another room with a door.

* get rid of clutter

* if you haven't used something for over a year, you most likely will never use it, so throw it out.

* use drawer dividers, baskets, boxes, and shelves to divide larger spaces.

* make use of all possible space such as in closets, and under beds.

* label boxes with contents or use clear plastic containers.

* label everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* to avoid losing your keys, put them in the same spot all the time, and keep them near your purse or door.

* put everything near it's site of use- ex: pots near the stove, towels in the bathroom.