SOAD videos, streaming and downloads

I would like to upload videos, but I have no where to upload them. So what we have here is a whole bunch of links for streaming videos, and some websites which offer video downloads.


Click link to view videos. Some of these videos may no longer work, or might not work on some older versions of Real Player or Windows Media Player, so don't go crazy if you can't watch them all. For links and screenshots click category titles. * = new addition

*Music Videos:

1.   Sugar (full)

2.   Sugar (clip)

3.   War? (clip)

4.   Spiders (clip)

5.   Chop Suey (full)

6. *Toxicity (full)


1.   SOAD EPK:

2.   Ozzfest 99

3. *Ozzfest

4.   Irving Plaza, NYC

5. Daron Malakian

6.   Rollingstone Interview Serj

7. *MetalEdge Magazine

8. *MTV - Serj talks about Arto/side project - Chop Suey, Science, Prison Song

9. *Big Day Out; Shavo interview


1.   Daron rocking with Metallica - Masterium (live)

2.   War, live in France

3. *Metal Edge - SOAD live

4. *Riot at free LA show

5. *Highlights, Sydney Big Day Out performance

*Cool Gardens:

1. *Circus Tiger

2. *I'm Erica


1. *Interview Shavo

2. *Interview Serj

3. *Interview Shavo

4. *Top This - Shavo counts down the TOP 3 ways for a girl to get backstage.

*System TV:

1.   Episode 1

2.   Episode 2

*Sno Core TV:

1.   Shavo Cam

2.   Tune Talk

3.   Meet The Bands

*Live On Farm Club:

1.   Suggestions Live

2.   Sugar Live

3.   Interview


1.   Making of Spiders

2.   War? (from Apocalopse video game)

3.   'Kickin' It' behind the scenes, Ambassador Hotel

*Full Length Videos:

Tips on how to and where to download full length SOAD vids from


These websites offer downloads for video files. Videos usually rotate, and will only be up for around a week, so check back to them every week or so. Check out the websites releases and download links to see what SOAD videos they offer. The websites should offer detailed instructions on how to obtain their videos.

Anti Pop Videos 

Urban Chaos Videos

Nothing Videos