This is a contextual layout sans anime, which is actually important because I usually prefer anime layouts. The picture is a secret! Actually, it's a super close shot of one of my hair brushes. It turned out really cool - like a row of lights. And since some people don't like anime, I thought this might be Ok for all tastes. Will stretch for larger than 1024x768 resolutions which it is best suited for. No intended specific kind of site for this - so whatever would work!


This a nested frames layout. index2.html is where you edit the content and the CSS that alters the current. left.html contains the navigation. That's all you really need to know, so if you're not familiar with frames/html please do not edit the other pages. Please the credit to me, and any other extra credits.

To use the arrow in the header just use the img src tag as I have done in it anyway before and after the word in your title. To edit the look of the title CSS, find ".head" in the internal CSS block.

I also named the content frame (index2.html) as MAIN, so remember to put target="MAIN" in all your links in the navigation.


To have alternating text colours, just use class="cont2" in a tag that would edit a whole body of text, ex. div, p etc. You can change the colour in .cont2, if you dislike this shade of blue. The default text colour is white, which is under the body tag of the CSS block but I'm sure those of you who are adept at coding know this. Feel free to contact me for questions, or layout design requests.

Image © ran. Layout by ran.