Szanyman Monday
The following people are people that Szanyman would like to thank for their roles in making Seasons One and Two a smashing success:
Christine Rodriguez

Jason Soto
Kelly Wise
Rob Shultz
Carlos "Uncle Chuck" Godinez
Frederick Weinstein
Robbie D
Abs Zillyn
Pete Rangel
Stand-Up Comedian Jones
Cousin Steve
Davey the Leprechaun
Too Much Information Harry
The Callers (from Season One)
People Who Wanted to Call
The Fans
Ghost Within.

Season One
Season Two
Look Out For Season Three
Coming in 2007!!!!!!
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Monday, November 13th, 2006.

*I completely forgot about the actual tenth episode, which was a Christmas Special.. sort of. The episode that I had as the tenth one on here is actually the Eleventh Episode*

Things Updated:
List of People Thanked
Season One
Season Two.

Wednesday November 15th, 2006 - List of People Thanked Updated.
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