Come and Join BUZZY MAD, we are a OPEN trading list sharing R to XXX.
We'll offer UNSPEAKABLE AMOUNTS of R to XXX-rated pics,
adult movie, adult jokes, adult story, and adult toons.
NO Child Pornography!  NO Bestiality!
You MUST be 21 to join!
Join us and go

SxxyLilWitches & Warlocks   
We are an Adult List sending out X too XXX Graphics ,
Tags, Adult tubes for  those that are into  PSP
We are a BCC'D list although we encourage everyone to send.
We will have daily features such as Word of the day,
Theme of the Day, Tag Contest, Member of the week,
Erotic Stories and more.  So come on and  join in the fun with us.
You must be 21 to Join because the sends will be  extremely Adult.
We are
not Wiccan or of any Demonation
Please send Disclaimer

Real Naughty Adult List

We are an open adult list.
We have a daily Update with song trivia,
poll questions and smart remark pics.
If you enjoy sending & receiving any and all adult material
we would love to have you on our list.
You must be 18 years of age or older and sign a disclaimer.
Real Naughty Send Me A Disclaimer


We are a New Tubes List,
we will offer tubes all week and on weekends,
we will share all the tags we have
created with the tubes.  We will also be
sending out Tutorials.
We are a G to XXX rated tube list.



We are a newly formed (Closed, Must be approved to join) group
R to OMG to XXX rating (Child Porn or Beastialty is not allowed)
featuring everything to do with
Paint Shop Pro.
We have Themes, Erotic Stories, Naughty Tubes,
Naughty Jokes and Naughty Games, Plus Member Of The Week
and Tags for all to enjoy.
PSP classes will be starting up too, So Cum join us if this is
what your looking for in a list.  We are a fun loving (growing list).
Mandatory sends are not necessary,
but we do encourage you to share what you collect or make.
I want to Join

Looking for an adult list with endless amounts of SKIN??
Then join TRIPLE xxx ADDICTIONS, we are a OPEN trading list
R to OMG "I'm BLIND!!" sends.
We'll offer
adult jokes, adult toons, and some music too.
NO child pornography!  NO bestiality!
MUST be 21 to join!
Join us and go
BLIND with SKIN!!!
I Wanna Go Blind With Skin!

Sweet N Sexy
Tags N Games
We are a CLOSED ADULT LIST that centers around
GREAT TAGS and FUN GAMES. Sends range from G-ACXXX.
Must Be
21 To Join! Tags and Games are sent out daily.
Special Name Tag offers are sent out weekly. If you love
great tags and
playing fun games like Wheel of Fortune, Missing Vowel, WOTW, Secret Pal, Tag It, Caption Contest, MOTW, Weekend Theme, Movie Madness, and Unscramble... This is the list for you!
(Members are
never required to play. Winners will receive great tags!) What are you waiting for? Click the link below & Join the Fun!
I Want To Join SweetNSexy

~~~~~~~~~~ Hammer & Nails~~~~~~~~~~
This is a new list. We are an ADULT G to OMG sending list with one we are all members, on this list we will also be friends.
We have an assortment of games to start off with. Trivia, word of the day, question of the week and others until we see what members want. PICS, stories, poems, toons, jokes, and anything else you would like to share will get us started (Child Porn and Bestiality is not allowed).We also have a chatroom .So..If this list sounds like a list you would enjoy and your at least 21, Come join us!


Leather N Chains
Looking for the HOTTEST BDSM List On the Web?
REAL Prizes For Games?
Try Leather N Chains
We'll Bring You Everything Within The BDSM Lifestyle..
Real Socials, Real Prizes, Real People!
Stories,Graphics,Tags,Links, Discussions,And Much Much More.
Give Us A Try You Wont Regret It!

Cuff Me Please!

Latinas Express Explicit Graphics Stop
We are an adult list that shares all kinds of adult material, like PICS,
Programs, Jokes, Movies, Toons & Tags. So if you like it
and SPICEY come on and check us out. No, Kiddie Porn, Bestiality, or Rape PICS Allowed
You must be 18+ to join

I wanna join L.E.E.G.S.

§¤(•T&T Naughty Playhouse•)¤§
We Are An All Adult List .
So Come Be Kinky With Us.
Lot's Of Picture Series Sent.
We Are Alway's Open To Any Suggestion's.
We Have Naughty Question Of The Day ,Movie's
And Much Much More Come Give Us A Try.
You Must Be Able To See Embedded Image's

And Be 18 Year's Of Age Or Older To Join.
No Beastiality Or Kiddie Porn Allowed.
No Yahoo & Hotmail  Allowed.
Click This Link To Join~I WANNA JOIN~
§¤(•T&T Naughty Playhouse•)¤§

•‹§›º°''˜O˜''°ºTHE ADULT VARIETY CLUBº°''˜O˜''°º‹§›•
We are a VERY open adult trading list, we share all kinds of adult material - everything
from sinfully wikked to OMG what was that! except beastalily and child porn!

Adult graphics, toonz, humor, movies, Wavs, erotic poems/stories, tubes and much much more - Interaction amongst members is encouraged Cum check uz out in our Chat Room open nightly come join and let us tempt you..tell us what your pleazure is
You must be 21 or older to join
So dont be shy cum get kinky with us and have some fun! and let the staff of AVC rock your world -Our motto is have  FUN!!"
I wanna get kinky

owned and run by TghtAssCwby4U & TaGKwaZy4U

Stolen Goodie'sTags Send Me Disclaimer
Do you like to collect and or share tags? Or maybe you just like picking tags out for our staff, to ad your names. Them what are you waiting for? We send out tags everyday, and you are welcome to send also. Our tag ratings go from G to OMFG. So you must be over 18. There are no send limits on this group. Will be sharing animated tags also. This list get's alot of mail, so if you cant handle alot of mail, please dont waste my time or yours, by joining!
Lusty Lez Loving rules & Disclaimer

This a Lez and Bi list, so nothing but women goodie's will be sent! No men anythings. There are no send limits on this list, so you will have to keep your mailboxes clean! We share programs, avi's, music, links,font's..everything. This list get's alot of mail, so please dont waste my time or yours, by joining if you cant handle alot of mail
Lusty Loving Ladie's send Disclaimer
This an Adult list where anything goes! If you want to send it to share, go for it! There are no send limits. So mail can some days days be alot. But on other days, we lay low. Both male and female are welcome to join us. We share music, links, fonts, programs, games.You name it we send it.  This list get's alot of mail, so please dont waste my time or yours, by joining if you cant handle alot of mail

Lez List for Men
Lez Loving Men
Hi there! Are you a man who cant get enough Lez Loving graphics?  And the ladies list wont let you on their list to play with them,Or maybe a  lady, who get's turned on, by driving men crazy, because you love women to?  Or just want to take a peek at the other side? Well this is the list for you.  Wanting to help fill your mailboxes with Lusty Lez Loving Goodie's! We offer lot's of graphics, stories, avi's, links. Both male and felmale are invited. But we do not allow any men graphics on our list. unless the man is with 2 women!! Just Lez Loving. You must be over 21 and sign a disclaimer. We have no send limits, and everyone must send in at least 1 time a week! And we keep tract of that. We will ad alot of mail to your mailboxes, so if YOU CAN NOT HANDLE alot of mail, this list is not for you! Cum join the fun, send for your disclaimer today!
I want to be on Lez Loving Men

No update to deal with, mail from only me! I send music ( cd's to) Game;s and programs. No graphics, just free Goodies! Just a small disclaimer and mail in your box! Must say there may be alot of mail on some days!

~ Sins of the Soul ~

A straight and bi adult group list.
The material in this group ranges from...
G to OMFG!
You must be at least
18 years old to join.
We share
daily games & themes, PICed by our members.
We also offer
XXX Movies, Hot...tags, graphics, MP3 or wav,
Naughty chat waves, poems, stories, and horoscopes.
So whether its the sensual,
the erotic, or even the
cutting edge side of life your into...
Look into your Soul... Tell us, are you a Sinner?

The list is closed on Sundays
No child porn or bestiality

Sinfully delicious......
I need to Sin...sign me up

~~~~The Tenth Muse~~~~
We are the premiere Lesbian (Adult) Variety List, featuring HOT HOT HOT pics everyday!  All sends consist of nothing but lovely ladies, but men are welcome to join.  In addition to pics we have daily features like horoscopes and erotic stories and also weekly features such as glbt news, celebrity profiles, music, various links and lesbian resources, and a "dear abby" advice column.  So come along on The Tenth Muse, and slip into the beauty of women loving women.

I want nothing but luscious ladies! Sign me up!!

Bent Halos ©
We just got naughtier! We are now purely an Adult Entertainment Variety list! We have added a few more X`s to our rating.
Always caught with your halo slippin? Tired of the same old adult pics passed around from list to list.Then come on in with the rest of us who like the extreme side.We will bring you the best new Adult pictures around.Along with ALL Adult Graphics,Tags,Tubes,And also a Naughty question of the day along with a daily theme and pornstar/playmate of the day.The only thing you won`t find here is Cutsie Crap or anything illegal.

If Nudity and Adult material offend you then this is NOT the list for you. Must be 21 yrs or older to join!WILL BE OPENING AS SOON AS I HAVE ENOUGH STAFF AND OF COURSE MEMBERS :P
Help!!,I was caught with my Halo slippen,Sign me up!

Cum on and join us for Wylde & Krazy Nitez!
We are an open trading list which strongly encourages member participation because the more we have, the wylder we get!
We love sharing whatever pops into our over active imaginations!
EXCEPT we do NOT deal with anything Illegal!
Since this is an adult orientate list, we require you to be at least 18 to join.

I want Wylde & Krazy Nitez!

~¤§¤~Baby's Penthouse~¤§¤~
Tried of all them cuties list where you have to remember what you can and can't send?
Then this is the list for you.
Baby's Penthouse is the adult list for you then.
We will not allow child porn or bestiality
We have updated that are NOT mandatory to open!!
This list is open to all AOL, CS AND GATEWAY MEMBERS. If you would like to join the best list on AOL,then just click the link.
Cum join us today!!

~¤§¤~ Own and Operate by We 3 Angels ~¤§¤~

Are you tired of list's that are too cutsie or adult list's that have so much porn it makes you sick, but still enjoy the nudity?
The Divine Touch is a tasteful ADULT Variety list!
Wonderful Graphics, tasteful nudity, quality Art, tags & BG's, PSP, and many other fun features are among the plethora of sharing in our list. We are an adult list that sends from PG to R rated material! NO PORN!
We also have a "Divine Rest Day" where we have no sends so you can get caught up on mail!
We care about each and every one of our members and
Take the time to listen to them and get to know them in any way possible.
Join us here at
"The Divine Touch"
For a Touch of Class with a Alot of Soul!
You won't be sorry you did!

Special Offerings©
Special Offerings© on a silver platter! We are THE adult interactive variety list you've been searching for! Our Special Offerings© cater to every desire of the heart from G to OMG. We're an open BCC'd list sharing everything from pics to music to full movies and so much more! You must be 21+and a member of AOL, CS or wmconnect to join. Variety is the spice of the life and that's what we'll give you.
Special Offerings© on a silver platter!
I want Special Offerings© on a silver platter!!!

A taste from the Heart of Mardi Gras!
The Ultimate Experience for the GLBT community! Annoucing the opening of
CreamZnDreamZ©! The premier and definitive list for all Gay, Bi, Les or Trans. We are an open, BCC, adult-hardcore list chock full of the best of everything. You must be 21 or older to join. One send a week is required and enforced ... so be ready to show your goods! We do NOT allow scat, snuff, rape, beastiality or kiddie porn. Everything else is right on the money! So lift your shirts or drop your drawers and let's get right down to a taste from the heart of Mardi Gras - CreamZnDreamZ©.
Click here to join the party @ CreamZnDreamZ©!!!

*****An Elegant Touch*****

Tried of the same old mail day after day? We are an Open BCC Adult Anything Goes list, that has been up and running almost 2 years!  We Offer Adult Pic's, AVI's, Jokes, Toons, Theme Of The Week, Caption This, and Adult Tags. We also have a Song Mistress that sends out Music every week!
G-XXXXX Rated Material so you must be atleast 21 and sign a disclaimer to join! Sending is Appreciated but not a must!
We would like to invite you all to cum join the fun we have at:
" An Elegant Touch "
YES,  I want to join An Elegant Touch, Please send me a disclaimer!

©»´¯`«©Secret Corner©»´¯`«©
This is a G-rated to Adult-rated Variety Group
We Offer tags, graphics, fonts, jokes, and much more
Must be 18 or older to join
Somedays our mail load can be heavy
Anything Goes Except Kiddie and Tastless Bestiality Porn
This List Has 1 Send A Week Requirement
Come Check Us Out!!
©»´¯`«©I Wanna Join©»´¯`«©

Candy Store
The ultimate list for sharing your desires and fantasies.
We trade adult pics, steamy movies, jokes, sexy tags, hot
stories, programs, & lots of other naughty goodies.
So please, come join and let us sweeten your day!
Must be over 18yrs old and sign a disclaimer to join.
¦Add Me To Candy Store¦
Owned & Operated by: Bad Girlz Inc.

¤§¤§ Southern Cumfort ¤§¤§
Close those pretty eyes and imagine....
Hooped Skirts, mint juleps and soft warm southern breezes.
Now Open those eys coz you wont find that here!
We are an  R-XXX rated

Cum on down and visit the Nawty side of the south y'all!.
Send me a Disclaimer

T&S Adult list
Anything goes Except kiddy Porn & NO bestiality. We are an open Adult trading list. We offer AVI's ,Gifs, Tags, Games, Wavs, full songs, BG, Adult Graphics,Jokes,toons, Erotic Stories, Erotic and Fantasy
and much much more....
NO mandatoy sends. We dont have DND Updates
Member Participation is encouraged, but not required. 
No matter you sexual preference we are sure there will be something that will put a smile on everyones face, try us out  ..Just about anything Goes!
MUST BE 21 To Join
click the link below for disclaimer

T&S Adult List
Owned by:TNS LIST,Angelofglass 12/120/2001

~ Tarnished Halos ~
We offer G rated to OMFG!!!
Things NOT permitted in our group are: Beastality - Child Pornography - Profanity.
We offer EVERYTHIING from the following:
Graphics/Tubes/Tags/Animations/Fonts/DeskTop Theme's.
We also have:
Daily Picture Challenges/Spoiled Member of the Week/Graphics Contests and Shadow Pals the last 2 weeks out of each month!
This is an EVERYTHING goes list.
If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of click the link! >:o)

I Want To Join Tarnished Halos Please.

JaminKitty's Palace
An exciting adult variety list that offers a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that!
We offer things such as, but not limited to

artistic nudity Wavs
PSP goodies jokes recipes poetry animated gifs artistic nudity
The only thing not allowed here are porn pics !
There is a 1 send a week policy rule
We're a laid back bunch and the rules are simple. If you would
like to join in on the fun with us, come on in 
Jamin Kitty's Palace_T&T_Sent_Me

••Naughty Temptations••
We are an Open BCC'd Adult Variety List!! There is a ONE send a week
Minimum or as many as u would like to send....We will be sharing Couple
Shots, Bi Sexuality, BBW's, Hot Pictures, Naughty Stories, Erotic Poems,
MPG's, Wavs, Cartoons, Tags, Tubes, Weekly Challenges, Scavenger
Hunts, Programs and much more as long as it is of Adult Content.
So cum on and get Naughty with us!!You must be 21 to join!!

Click here to Join
Or go to our website NaughtyTemptations

Adult Tags By Donna

This is a closed tag list of sends that consist of tags that I make and send them out for you to request.  Most tags that I make, I make matching backgrounds for also. 
The tags can and will contain very explicit adult content.
Amount of mail will vary day to day, depending on how many tags I make.
You will be able to share tags if you want to by me sending them for you.
You must be at least 18 years old to be on this list.

Disclaimer For Adult Tags By Donna

No Limitz Adult Lists
We have Sensual Desires, an adults only trading list, Erotic Poetry and Stories to read alone or share with that special someone and Adult Tubes for those interested in PSP with a naughty twist. A disclaimer will be sent to you with all the NL lists to join and you can pick and choose which of our wonderful lists you'd like to join.
(All members of NL will recieve other lists to join mailings periodically)

The time has come to put all those passed around pics and Tags
and movies behind you.
Enjoy the sensation of the FIRE and the coolness of the ICE
We're an  Adult Variety List that will bring to you a new experience as far as lists go.  We are an open list that sends everything from pixxx to tags to steamy movies to full song wavs
We generate alot of mail
We offer weekly games for list interaction
The sends will be rated from G to OOOOMG thats got to hurt <efg>
All you need to do is step into the
FIRE and keep the ICE handy.

Fire N Ice

sharons adult jokes
is a  web site full of adult jokes and toons , Sharon's Adult Jokes contains adult material and language You must be 18 years or older and not easily offended to subscribe .
add to sharons adult jokes

Wild Cynerzz
The adult list with something for everyone.
From erotic to exotic to just down right kinky.
G-OMG rated
anything goes here except child porn.
If you're tired of being told "you can't send that" then this is the list for you.
You must be 21 or over and able to send and receive embedded images to join.
Member participation is required
If this sounds like what you've been looking for join us at
Wild Cynerzz


We are an open, BCC Trading List
We trade
PICs, TAGs, WAVs, EXEs, AVIs, JOKEs, POEMs, etc.
MUST be 18 or over and sign a disclaimer to join
Member participation is STRONGLY encouraged, but never required
There are a few rules, but only for ALL of our protection
We are what having
FUN is all about
We would
LOVE to have you join our family,
CLICK the link below and sign up for the most fun you've ever had!!!
Webpage Below


I Wanna Join

adult pics and movies


The Dark Eve of Chaos 
Come show us your most Dark Sensual Desires.
We are an adult list with dark and erotic art from the everyday to the extreme.
We share Sensual, and Fetish Photography. Dark, Gothic, Fantasy, Macabre, Digital Art ,  BDSM Art and Information. This group has art lovers, friends, and many naughty
misbehaving staff and members. Join in on the fun weekly features.
We also feature Tubes, Tags and contests.
!Come feel the Heat !

Let the Exploring Begin
I want to Explore my Dark Desires

Rope Marks
Have you joined a list where it is set for the BDSM Lifestyle and
You await tasteful graphics that are only BDSM and never recieved them?
Then we are the list for You

No Mandatory Sends!
No DND Updates!
The only rules we need you to follow is that all sends are related to
BDSM graphics, stories, tubes, information, poetry, art, photography!
If you send anything not related to BDSM you do not belong on this list!
••• We will not accept anything with animals, scat, children •••

!Come Feel The Ropes Upon Your Skin!

We are a well established open trading list which offers
high quality sends, anything from G to OMG!!
Adult pics, erotic stories, tags, toons, movies and much more!!
We encourage our members to share....
~~Please feel free to join our growing family!~~

Please click this link for a disclaimer!

A premier adult entertainment list dedicated to the
Gay & Lesbian Lifestyle.
If you are Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Bi-Curious we would love
for you to join our growing family!! We are an open (bcc'd)
list which encourages our members to share G&L news,
adult pics, erotic stories, poems and much more!!
Please note that we do not share bestiality or kiddy porn
and this list can generate massive amounts of mail.

Please click this link for a disclaimer!

Devilish Halos
If you are looking for a way to show off your devilish side
and still look like an angel....
this is the place for YOU!
We are a adult OPEN trading list with NO mandatory sends!
We share all materials from R-
NO DND UPDATES...only DND's sent when IMPORTANT!
We will offer weekly catchy captions, tag contest, wavs, tags, member
request list, QOTD, Sexy Word Sentence, PSP Goodies, some computer programs, Speciality Tag Offerings and a weekly chatroom (with a challenging game of truth or dare), and some
GREAT friends!
child pornography, or bestiality allowed.  You must be 21 to join.
Come and get Devilish with us.
  Plz Send me a disclaimer!

HornDogs HideAway
Sit back, relax and let us take you to a place
filled with lust,desires and best of all
We are an adult tag group.Its rated
R to WOW to OMG im blind
We offer games,chats, tags and best of all
NAKED people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cum check our group out..... if you are into the group thang... <weg>
I Wanna Cum Out And Play!
HornDogs HideAway is owned and operated by Naughty and Nice, INC.

»§«:*´`³§³´`*:» 4 Your Pleazure «:*´`³§³´`*:»§«
SO what's your pleazure?

How about a list of people who enjoy filling your Pleazures?
You ask for it, you will get it!!!
Here are just a few of the things we have to offer

*Daily Theme* *Open Send Weekends*
*Chat hosted by some really SEXYYY Ladies*
*Fonts* *WAVS* *Trivia*
*The Pleazured One*   *Tags*
And SO much more
We are an adult  list with sends from R to OMG!!
You must be 21 to join.
NO kiddie porn NO beastiality

So Cum and Have your Pleazure filled
Gimme the Pleazure

4 Your Pleazure is owned and operated by Naughty and Nice, INC.

=LCS Graphics=
If you are looking for a awesome & fun list look no further.
Come be a part of our GREAT list
LCS, it stands for learning, creating & sharing, because we LOVE to do all three. We are small but are growing. We offer =tags=contests=tubes=tutorials=fonts=masks=and more. We are a G to R rated list. Which means we allow mild adult content so you must be 18 and sign a disclaimer to join. Come and join the fun at LCS, I dare ya!
Pookie I Wanna Join LCS

Leather N Chains
Looking for the HOTTEST BDSM List On the Web?
REAL Prizes For Games?
Try Leather N Chains
We'll Bring You Everything Within The BDSM Lifestyle..
Real Socials, Real Prizes, Real People!
Stories,Graphics,Tags,Links, Discussions,And Much Much More.
Give Us A Try You Wont Regret It!

Cuff Me Please!

Ladies* Unlimited* Sensual* Treats*
The Celebration Of Women Loving Women. Website
Come on ! Have fun !  share! Click here to join L*U*S*T*
A Bcc'd list... No!! Men...
Games, Contests, Art, Graphics, Pictures, Stories, Poetry, Ect..
Entertainment For ADULT (21yo) Ladies

New  Adult list open
We are an adult list, from R to omg!
We will have tubes, tags and just plain Porn!
so come join the fun with us! :)  Must be 18 to join!

Click link to request a disclaimer.


- -- -·´~`v^•¤º° Angels With Dirty Minds °º¤•^v´~`·-
we are a daily interactive Graphics, & Adult, list offering a wide
range of services. Tags, fonts, themes, games, recipes, horoscopes and poetry just to name a few. We also offer PSP tuts. All mailings are
BCC'd... So if you would like to be
a part of our growing family come join us and Let the FUN Begin!
Check out what others have said about our list on our web page

click the link below for a disclaimer

~~~~Pushin' The Limitz~~~~
This is a G to OMG (XXX) open ADULT trading list.
We are not modest or shy, we trade it ALL!
Fun, friendly, kinky...that's us!
(NO child porn or beastiality)
Tags, Pics, Stories, Graphics, Wavs, Jokes, Contests, 
PSP stuffs with an Adult twist & more!
Some may say we're sick & perverse, we just call it having FUN!
Cum & join some of the BEST Perves & Pervettes around!
(must be 21 or older to join)
(mail can be heavy, so BEWARE!)
I Want To Push The Limitz!
(List Owners~SheWhoIs2bObeyed & LadyPiercenz)
(A Beyond Reality List~Owned by SheWhoIs2bObeyed &

~*~ Satisfying Every Xtacy ~*~
Are you looking for a group where you can let go,
share and recieve your deepest darkest fantasy XXX style?
We just might be the list for you!
We have everything, but we do not ALLOW Child Pornography and Beastiality!
We have Sexy Tube of the Day,
Sexy Word of the Day, Sexy Question of the Day, Word Scrambles, Dirty Mindz Game, Movie of the Week, Babe of the Week, A Scavenger Hunt and so so so much more.
Must be 21 and over to join, and sign a disclaimer.
We are looking for outgoing people to fill staff and member positions. If you are interested please click the link below and be on your way to the most outgoing experience of your life! Please specify if you wanna join staff or be just a member :) We would love to have you either way!
!~I wanna Join~!

Adults only, both m/f welcome
U like Series pictures? this is the list for  you
Best XXX lists around!! You MUST be 18 or over!!
If you have to ask what we share, don't join
Anything Goes~Everything Shows!!.
This list can generate a lot of mail.We Send
Everything Blind Copy
CLICK the link below and sign up

SeriesZips SIGN ME UP!!

»¤°º°¤«BOUNND N TAGGED»¤°º°¤«
¤°º°¤«BOUNND N TAGGED»¤°º°¤«
Are you tired of joining adult lists just to end up on
ANOTHER list with Ducks & more Ducks.
Then were the list for you. Rated R to OMMMMG
We offer adult tags created by our talented staff.
don't do Cute. All our tags are custom & Our theme is BDSM.
No cloned tags. Let us put personality in your tags.
We do have Fri & Sat for the whole list to share.
We don't just make tags we make friends. Our list is a place to
meet other people who are in the lifestyle.
We have
MOW to show member appreciation, & mail forwarding.
Right now the membership is
free, so don't get left out.
Click on our link & request a
free membership
No Bestiality or Child Porn
Owned By Janna & Dom

Delightfully Sinful
List Owner/Leader
SASS...(Kentucky Sass)

This group generates "LOTS" of mail!
Rules are you must like smutt!!
Ya want to see plenty of skin?
Cum on in and play with us today!
No send requirement but participation is encouraged!
NO kiddie porn NO beastality...or
NO CUTSIE stuff will ever be sent, just plenty of skin!!
This is an all adult list, must be 21 to join!
Only serious smutters need apply, I  do
NOT cater to whiners

Midnight Dreams
This is an ADULT list G-OMG
NO child porn or beastality EVER.
All mail is BCC and mail can get heavy at times
sound like the list for you ? then cum join the fun
Opened Trading List
Must be 21+ to join

I Want To Join Midnight Dreams

List Owner
Which means....the only material "not" allowed would be kiddie porn...beastality...incest..

If You Like Variety This Is The Place!
Silk & Sassy Mail...can be very explicit and graphic!

There is a minimum send of *one* send per week!
"I do NOT cater to you can't run with the big dogs..and can't handle attitude.....Do NOT send for a disclaimer"..dont waste my time and I wont waste yours!!

You Must Be At Least 18 Year's Of Age To Join   

Classy Sassy & LadyP Sin Den
List Owners
SASS...(Kentucky Sass)......LadyP...(Ladypiercenz)

We need members....that love to act and interact and share!!
Ya want to see plenty of skin?
Cum on in and play with us today!
We won't bite, unless ya want us to!
NO kiddie porn NO beastality...will ever be tolerated!
No cutsy stuff will ever be sent, just plenty of skin
This is an all adult list, must be 21 to join!
Only serious smutters need apply, We do
NOT cater to whiners

~ Sins of the Soul ~

Is a straight and bi adult list.
Material ranges from G to OMFG!
You must be at least 18 years old to join.
NO mandatory sends
We share...
tags, tubes, graphics, MP3 or wav, poems & stories.
We also offer...
Weekly horoscopes, games & themes.
So whether its the sensual,
the erotic side of life your into,
This may be the list for you!
Look into your Soul..Tell us, are you a Sinner?

**Staff positions open**
(Must be Registered with C.A.T.)
The list is closed on Sundays
NO child porn or bestiality!
I want to Sin

§¤(••)¤§PLAYBOY MANIA§¤(••)¤§

Do You want PlayBoy?
Well you found the right list! We offer only the
highest quality" of Playboy pics and tubes!
Come join and get ya some
HOT Playmates!
You will receive not
ONLY Playboy Mates, but also Penthouse Pets and various hotties from other payed  sites for your pleasures! You get a tag & tube with each series!
§¤(••)¤§We gurantee only the BEST§¤(••)¤§
I Want Playboy!

~~Hearts of Thunder~~
A very H.O.T.Adult variety list!
Trading ALL from G to OMG, I can't believe it!
(G-XXX-No Child Porn or Beastiality)
HOT tags, HOT pics, HOT stories, HOT contests,
HOT Toons, & Much More!
CUM & feel the Thunder in your Heart!
We love for you to share, but have no minimum sending requirements.
Be Warned~We can generate a lot of mail!
So come on JOIN US become a HOTTIE!!
Must be 18 or older to join.
Click Here For Our Disclaimer and Say T&T Sent Me

~~ Hearts of Thunder

Signal 20
If you love jokes & toons & variety then you
will love Signal 20.
We share adult pics, AVI's & just about anything
else you can think of.
An open list with a once a week send
requirement. You must be
18 & sign a disclaimer. Sends are rated G - X.
Small group but great senders.
Come join the fun & give us a try. See
you there!


Real Naughty Adult List

We are an open adult list.
We have a daily Update with song trivia,
poll questions and smart remark pics.
If you enjoy sending & receiving any and all adult material
we would love to have you on our list.
You must be 18 years of age or older and sign a disclaimer.
Real Naughty Send Me A Disclaimer


We are a New Tubes List,
we will offer tubes all week and on weekends,
we will share all the tags we have
created with the tubes.  We will also be
sending out Tutorials.
We are a G to XXX rated tube list.


*~* Fire & Dreamz Graphix *~*
We are an open bcc list
Ranging from G to Adult content
No porn allowed
So you must be 21 & up to join
Some of the things offered is
member of the week, secret pals, games, graphix
& more
Come play with us.... you won't regret it!!!

•··•··•··•··•  Wild Ambitions  •··•··•··•··•

Looking for a list that will keep you coming back for more??
Wild Ambitions is the perfect mix of adult entertainment, belly busting laughs, intriguing contests and family camaraderie at it's best.  Wavs, Tags, Graphics, Contests, Parties, Jokes and More,
you name it and we do it.  You MUST be 18 to join.
We would love to have you as part of our family, click the link & join the FUN!!!

Robin, Send a Disclaimer Plz!!!

•··•··•··•··•  Wild Ambitions  •··•··•··•··•

h   Soapbox   g

If you enjoy debating or discussing controversial topics, and you don't mind a dissenting opinion, this is your list. We are an Adult Discussion forum, with a Daily Update, and a Daily Topic including on topic Jokes, and Graphics. After all, a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. A topic will be presented three times per week, for member discussion and debate. Occasionally there will also be Brain Teasers and Riddles. No "flaming" is allowed, since hysterical foaming at the mouth contributes nothing to the flow of discussion. If you'd like to debate or discuss controversial topics with others, in a slightly moderated forum with no sharing required, and you can take some heat, climb up on your own Soapbox, and tell us what you think.  


Absolut Anime
Finally, an Anime list dedicated to providing you with quality images that you won't find elsewhere. We specialize in original Japanese CG anime, Comix and similar works. Members are welcome to share their own graphics collections and creations, but sending is not required. We're a Closed BCC list, rated G- Adult. Ages 18+ only please. Signed Disclaimer is a must. Mail may be heavy at times. Click the link or contact GoddessStarShine if interested.
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